Parlevel Systems, a provider of vending management solutions (VMS), has launched a complete micro market solution. Parlevel’s micro market is designed to be a top to bottom hardware and software solution that provides operators with all of the necessary tools to successfully implement and manage a micro market operation.
PayRange, maker of mobile payment solution for machines, introduced its newest device, BluKey Smart, in conjunction with the kick-off of the 2016 Amusement Expo in Las Vegas. This addition to the PayRange hardware product line is designed to work with amusement machines and other types of machines that accept payments. PayRange was awarded two Innovator Awardsfor their BluKeySmart mobile payment device and for their Dynamic Pricing function for amusement machines at the expo.
Los Angeles - AVT has developed a new style of automated micro store that takes several automated retailing concepts, and combines them into one consumer-friendly superstore.
KonaRed will begin rolling out its ready-to-drink cold brew coffees, available in Original Signature Blend and Hawaiian Vanilla.
Kellogg Canada will debut six products in January, each intending to reflect new and emerging consumer needs and preferences, with a focus on providing great taste with real flavours and recognizable ingredients. The new products fall under the brands Kellogg's Special K, Kellogg's Mini-Wheats and Pringles.
Life in Green offers cups made specifically for vending machines and tested to work with the most widely distributed drop mechanisms from North America and Europe’s major manufacturers such as Crane, Automatic Product, Saeco and De Jong Duke, says the company.
Covered Bridge of Hartland, N.B., has a line of potato chips made from russet potatoes. The skin is left on to deliver more nutrients and the natural sugar content gives the chip a golden to dark brown colour, says the company’s website.
Eagle Packaging Machinery, a manufacturer of case erecting, tray forming and robotic palletizing technology, has launched a case-packing system that allows one person to load coffee pod containers into corrugated cases.
Archetype Ltd. of New Jersey has launched Flood Buzz and Flood Buzz Pro, two water leak alarms it says are loud, effective, easy to use and inexpensive.
U.S. - Kellogg is launching a bounty of new items that tap into consumer trends, such as breakfast on-the-go and sweet and savoury combinations. reports. |READ MORE
KonaRed is rolling out a new kind of fusion with two products that contain Kona and premium Columbian whole bean coffee blended with Hawaiian Coffeeberry. By adding the nutrient dense coffee fruit back to premium coffee without changing the flavour, KonaRed plans to change the way consumers think about coffee, reports the company in a news release.
A blind law student in New Zealand is working on a a plan to develop accesible vending machines after becoming frustrated with being unable to use the ones on campus. reports. |READ MORE
Entrepreneur Richard Zinck’s latest venture has him thinking of how to do micro markets differently. Loyalty Markets has tapped into technology, abandoned the need for a warehouse and developed a system for training its customers with a free credit.
Albert and Sophie Eskow aren’t your typical retirees. Instead of walking the beach and playing golf in sunny Florida, this hard working couple dedicates 12-hour days to their business, Alberta Vending Services, located in Leduc, Alta. Tending to over 400 vending machines in nearby Edmonton and the surrounding area, they drive their route together each day, and say they are happy to be doing the work they love.
Condo dwellers who run out of milk typically have two options: do without or dash out. But at a growing number of Toronto condos, there’s a third option: pop down to their building’s common area and pick up cream, bread or eggs from a vending machine. Providing that kind of convenience is the motivation behind Grab’nGo Vending’s Micro Shops – small footprint automated kiosks that sell basic grocery items and  essentials.
Ryan Company Ltd. is a fourth-generation family business that provides vending and office coffee service across much of British Columbia. Though its history spans nearly eight decades, Ryan Vending is a progressive company, firmly rooted in the present and always with an eye on the future.  
A PET bottle-collecting machine that pays users through their smart phones? An app that you can use to order pickup of recyclable items from your home? One Beijing company is trying to bring recycling into the “smart” era – and make money at it. Plastic News reports. | READ MORE
May 8, 2015 – The Stewart family is synonymous with Savco Food Services Ltd., a small company that, over 53 years, has built an enviable reputation for high-quality service you’d expect from a small-town business.
After a year at the helm of CAMA, Ed Kozma shares insights gained from his experience in the vending industry.
When Dana Clarke couldn’t find what she was looking for, she did what most others would not think to do: she designed it herself.
Sept. 2, 2014, St. Catharines, Ont. – Two university graduates have started a coffee-packaging business that creates private-label coffee pods for smaller companies, reports The Brock News. | READ MORE Gabriel MarchiondaTw Gabriel Marchionda (BA ‘12), Trevor Cowan (BAcc ‘12) and Mark Fabiano (BBA ‘12), all 25 years old, are the brains behind My Coffee Brew, a growing online business that provides a personal touch for companies that want private label coffee pods. - See more at: Gabriel Marchionda (BA ‘12), Trevor Cowan (BAcc ‘12) and Mark Fabiano (BBA ‘12), all 25 years old, are the brains behind My Coffee Brew, a growing online business that provides a personal touch for companies that want private label coffee pods. - See more at: Gabriel Marchionda (BA ‘12), Trevor Cowan (BAcc ‘12) and Mark Fabiano (BBA ‘12), all 25 years old, are the brains behind My Coffee Brew, a growing online business that provides a personal touch for companies that want private label coffee pods. - See more at: Gabriel Marchionda (BA ‘12), Trevor Cowan (BAcc ‘12) and Mark Fabiano (BBA ‘12), all 25 years old, are the brains behind My Coffee Brew, a growing online business that provides a personal touch for companies that want private label coffee pods. - See more at: Gabriel Marchionda (BA ‘12), Trevor Cowan (BAcc ‘12) and Mark Fabiano (BBA ‘12), all 25 years old, are the brains behind My Coffee Brew, a growing online business that provides a personal touch for companies that want private label coffee pods. - See more at:
Aug. 21, 2014, St. Catharines, Ont. – Kane’s Distributing, which has had its hand in almost every aspect of the vending industry, marks its 60th birthday this month.
Chuck Pifko joined Can-West Vending Distributors just five years ago, and has now become the owner of the Calgary-based business.
Twenty-five years ago, Greg Suitor’s uncle asked him how much people would pay for bottled water.
Expanded Technologies has added vending machine Floor Savers to its line of Floor Saver products, which help prevent floor damage and allow machines to be moved with less effort.
Ottawa – Learn about the security features of the $20 note commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s historic reign. The note has special design elements, says The Bank of Canada | READ MORE
Ottawa – The Bank of Canada has begun circulating a $20 note commemorating the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.
Williston, SC – Crane Merchandising Systems is now accepting Android Pay, the new mobile payment system for Android phone users rolled out earlier this week.
Ottawa – The Bank of Canada on Sept. 9 will present and begin circulating a $20 note commemorating the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.
Ottawa – While slightly below the same period in 2014, results of $34.9 million in pre-tax profits for the Royal Canadian Mint's second quarter demonstrate another quarter of strong performance, the Mint said in a news release.
Schaumberg, Ill. – Credit and debit card processor Moneris Solutions has completed EMV certification of Verifone’s line of unattended payment devices, allowing merchants to adopt secure unattended payment that readies them for EMV and NFC payment acceptance.
Toronto – Samsung Electronics has confirmed that its new mobile payments platform, Samsung Pay, will be made available  for Canadians to use — eventually. The Financial Post reports. | READ MORE
Williston, S.C. – Consumers at MEDIA vending machines will now have a new way to pay as Crane Merchandising Systems has added near field communication (NFC) capability to its integrated cashless solution for BevMAX and Merchant Media.
Toronto – Nymi, TD Bank Group and MasterCard, have announced completion of what they're calling the first wearable credit card payment that is biometrically authenticated using one's heartbeat.
Calgary, Alta. – City Coin Vending Services has adopted Cantaloupe's Seed Office as its vending management system.
Archetype Ltd. of New Jersey has launched Flood Buzz and Flood Buzz Pro, two water leak alarms it says are loud, effective, easy to use and inexpensive.
The blurring of lines between a meal and a snack continues as more and more busy Canadians skip traditional sit-down meals in favour of something they can grab on the go or at work. Of course, this is good news for vending companies who are ready with what those busy snack-meal eaters want.
Consumers can be a demanding bunch. I want health! I want taste! I want convenience! I want it all! Consumers can also be a confusing bunch, which is what happens when willpower meets want versus need. In turn, it can be difficult to figure out what to offer people trying to balance health and taste, except for the fact that sales tend to speak for themselves.
Winnipeg - From tech start-ups to big corporations, employers are looking at creating more flexibility with health and wellness plans for their growing millennial staff. The Winnipeg Free Press reports. |READ MORE
La Jolla, CA – Most people eat for 15 hours or longer, with less than a quarter of the day’s calories being consumed before noon and more than a third consumed after 6 p.m., says a recent study published in Cell Metabolism. The Salk Institute for Biological Studies reports. | READ MORE
Snacking is changing its image.
People are waking up to the idea they shouldn’t skip breakfast.
Chicago – Single-person households in the U.S. are 38 million strong and growing, which stands to reason why this group has an impact on snacking in terms of eating behaviours, packaging, and marketing, reports The NPD Group.
Waterbury, VT – Keurig Green Mountain and Campbell Soup Company have launched a single-cup soup that comes in two varieties and can be brewed in Keurig hot brewers.
Minneapolis – General Mills will remove artificial colours and flavours from its Fruit Snacks. The move comes two months after the company announced it would phase out artificial colours and flavours in cereal, its biggest U.S. product line. The Toronto Star reports. | READ MORE
Toronto – In what may be the shape of fast-food retail to come, McDonald’s has begun rolling out self-serve kiosks at locations in Canada, but the company says the move is not a threat to job security. The Huffington Post Canada reports. | READ MORE
Toronto – Growing demand for more origin and nutrition information about the products we buy could mean the end of the simple bar code, The Globe and Mail reports. | READ MORE
Chicago – Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are the most popular platform for gaming, with half of Americans playing video games on mobile devices, rather than on dedicated gaming consoles, says new research from Mintel.
The North American office coffee service (OCS) industry has been rocked by a standard that has had a profound effect on the way we make coffee. Cup by cup in a cartridge has shifted the paradigm of coffee brewing where even the smallest of offices now have choice in what consumers drink.
I saw a new and unusual vending machine at the movie theatre the other day that got me thinking. It dispensed candy – no big change up there – but how it dispensed candy intrigued me. I had to try it! I followed the instructions on the screen, watched the unit dispense the bulk candy into a specially labelled bag, and then it sealed the bag and it was mine.
About two years ago, the Colombian Coffee Federation introduced a hybrid tree to the country’s select plantations which used genes from “acer nigrum”, better known as the Black Maple, melded into “Coffea Arabica Typica”, also known as Arabica Coffee. The idea behind the hybrid was to naturally derive a maple-flavoured coffee. 
Canada - After years of rising sales, demand for Keurig's machines and coffee pods seems to be cooling, reports CBC News. |READ MORE
Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, aside from plain water, according to the Tea Association of Canada. Canadians drink almost 10 billion cups of tea each year (83 litres per person x 4 cups per litre x Canadian population 34,755,634 – those who are 15 and younger 5,644,800).
The Coffee Association of Canada/Café Association du Canada will hold its annual conference Nov. 17 in Toronto. 
Chicago – Retail sales of cold brew reflect its expanding role in the U.S. coffee category with estimated 115 per cent growth from the year prior, reaching $7.9 million in sales, according to research from Mintel.
Many years ago, there was a buzz in the scientific community around the possibility of cold fusion, a process that would allow for an inexpensive and clean way of generating energy.  
Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, aside from plain water. According to the Tea Association of Canada, Canadians drink almost 10 billion cups of tea each year (83 litres per person x 4 cups per litre x Canadian population 34,755,634 – those who are 15 and younger 5,644,800).  
Waterbury, CT – Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. has launched its KOLD system, which allows consumers to freshly make cold carbonated and non-carbonated beverages at home, the company said in a news release.
Kelowna, B.C. – Canada's Laguna Blends recently debuted on the public markets, having done a reverse takeover into what was formerly Grenadier Resources alongside an announcement that its primary product SKU has been approved by Health Canada as a Natural Health Product. reports. | READ MORE
Vancouver – The Coffee Association of Canada will sponsor both the Canadian Barista Championship and the Canadian Latte Art Championship, taking place at The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show Oct. 4-5, 2015 in Vancouver.
I’d bet many of the most lucrative opportunities are treated first as fairy dust before the trailblazers start making bricks of gold. It’s the nature of humanity to be skeptical of change, to be wary of doing things differently. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” is an adage so familiar it may be a little broke itself these days. The business climate is one of swift change and a continual push for bigger, for better, for more profits and more efficiency.
Despite the challenges of providing nutritious and tasty options that the health and wellness trend has caused in the vending industry, leading Canadian and American workplaces are realizing the many physical and financial benefits that come with a healthier workforce, prompting a shift in corporate policies. Healthy workplaces are no longer an afterthought, but rather the focus.
It is my pleasure to submit my first message as CAMA president. CAMA Expo 2015, held in Niagara Falls, was a resounding success and served as an opportunity for industry members to make their voices heard. We learned that micro markets are indeed on everyone’s radar and this added a new and appreciated element to the show floor.
In 2012, Jim Jackson stepped into the wrong elevator in a Las Vegas hotel. In hindsight, it turned out to be the right one after all.
The new manager walks into the conference room. The several staff members turn and look at each other expressing obvious shock over is youthfulness. He begins to tell the staff that he is only instituting one new change: they are going to begin online marketing using LinkedIn.
Industry veteran and longtime Canadian Vending columnist David Murphy weighs in on the areas of growth where large vending and OCS operations often fall short and smaller operations can gain an edge.
As the president of the association, I am asked to do many things and writing articles for the trade magazine is one of them.  This is not always an easy task as you want the content of the article to be meaningful to industry patrons and a creative thought can be just beyond your grasp. So as I sit and contemplate ideas, I tend to start with a catchy (sometimes hokey) title, tie it to an industry message and draw inspiration from there. Current national news and events tend to dominate the water cooler conversations, along with the political climate of an upcoming election and corresponding spin that accompanies it. Or the economic condition of the country. Or what happened on “Big Brother” last night.  Needless to say, when people have the opportunity to share their opinions or thoughts with other likeminded people, relationships are fostered and professional/personal mutual benefits occur.  Unfortunately, these water cooler moments do not occur in many small vending companies as there is not the abundance of staff sitting in the office and there is no water cooler other than the one that can be found at the client’s location.      Whether or not you believe the political pundits who say that Stephen Harper is asleep at the switch of our economy or that Justin Trudeau is too green to be the next prime minister, there is a sense that change is most likely coming, or at minimum a compromise on current or future policy. Not knowing the future, but in times of uncertainty, it is wise to find a safe harbour and be aware of the potential impacts change can have.  CAMA has remained front and centre to protect the interests of our industry and is seen as the industry stakeholder by the government. We work for the benefit of all in the industry (member or non-member) but we are only as strong as our member involvement. Having a greater membership base makes us stronger in numbers and offers a broader cross-section of thought leadership.  The CAMA board and staff have worked hard to keep the membership abreast of the latest national events that affect the industry and have been successful in managing and avoiding negative actions against us. As we drive for increased membership, the board continually looks for ways to improve value within the association. This strategy combats the underlying question from non-members and members alike: Why should I be a member of CAMA? It’s important to remember that board members are CAMA members too, and we also want value in the dollars we spend on our membership. With that said, the benefits and services that CAMA has compiled in recent years are significant and well worth the minimal investment.   On the eve of Canada’s national trade show, there is simply no better time to be a member of CAMA. On Oct. 15, 16 and 17, join us in Niagara Falls for the CAMA Expo to see the latest innovations the industry has to offer that promise to drive the revenue and broaden your services to your clients. Take your time to interact with your peers, who, like you, are looking for ideas to improve their business. Over the years, I have had many interactions at the shows that have motivated me to do something new with my business.  So take the next step in your business: come to the CAMA show. Take the ideas and innovations you discover there and integrate them into your business in order to become more successful.  See you there!  Ed Kozma is president of the Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association. Ed can be reached at 484-888-0926, via email through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or by calling CAMA at 905-826-7695 / 1-888-849-2262. Soyez motivé par le changement En tant que président de l’association, on me demande de nombreuses choses dont la rédaction d’un article dans ce magazine est l’une d’elle.  Ce n’est pas toujours une sinécure car vous souhaitez que le contenu de l’article puisse être intéressant pour les membres de l’industrie alors qu’une idée d’article peut se trouver juste au-delà de votre portée.  Alors que je suis assis à réfléchir à certaines idées, j’ai tendance à commencer avec un titre accrocheur (parfois calqué sur le hochey), le rattacher à un message pour l’industrie et de là espérer que viendra l’inspiration. Les événements courants et l’actualité nationale ainsi que le climat politique généré par l’actuelle campagne électorale et les sempiternelles promesses qui l’accompagnent ont tendance à monopoliser les conversations autour de la machine à café.  Ou bien c’est ce qui s’est passé dans Unité 9 hier soir.    Va sans dire alors que lorsque les gens ont l’occasion de partager leurs opinions ou leurs pensées avec d’autres personnes partageant les mêmes idées, les relations sont alors canalisées et de cela en ressort un bénéfice mutuel, autant professionnel que personnel. Malheureusement, ces petits moments privilégiés autour de la machine à café ne se produisent pas dans une petite entreprise car non seulement il n’y a pas assez de gens autour de ladite machine mais souvent celle-ci se trouve chez le client le plus proche.   Que vous croyiez ou non les soi-disant experts politiques qui affirment que Stephen Harper dort au gaz, ou que Justin Trudeau est trop vert pour être Premier Ministre, il y a un sentiment que le changement est juste au tournant de la route, ou au minimum, un compromis sur les politiques courantes ou futures.  L’avenir nous étant inconnu, ou bien en période d’incertitude, il est sage d’avoir un havre sûr et de planifier les impacts potentiels certains changements peuvent avoir.    L’ACAD est toujours demeuré au front et focalisé sur la protection des intérêts de notre industrie et est considéré comme le porte-parole légitime de l’industrie par le gouvernement.  Nous travaillons pour le bénéfice de tous dans notre industrie (membre ou non-membre) mais nous tirons notre force que par l’implication de nos membres.  Avoir une base de membre plus importante nous rend plus fort non-seulement en nombre mais aussi en leadership.   Le comité de direction de l’ACAD a travaillé avec acharnement pour garder ses membres au fait de l’actualité pouvant affecter notre industrie et a connu un certain succès à minimiser les impacts négatifs pouvant nous nuire.   Toujours à l’affût d’augmenter notre membership, le comité recherche toujours de nouvelles avenues afin de bonifier l’offre d’appartenance à l’association.  Cette stratégie répond ainsi à cette éternelle question que se posent les éventuels membres et aussi les membres actuels:  “Qu’est-ce que ça me donne d’être membre de l’ACAD?”  Il est important ici de se souvenir que les membres du comité de direction sont eux aussi des membres et qu’à ce titre nous voulons nous aussi recevoir un bénéfice des dollars investis dans notre adhésion.  Ceci étant dit, les bénéfices et services que l’ACAD a compilé au cours des récentes années font des sommes mises dans notre adhésion, un investissement minime.  À l’orée de notre exposition nationale, vous ne pouvez trouver meilleur temps pour devenir un membre de l’ACAD.  Joignez-vous à nous les 15, 16 et 17 octobre prochain à Niagara Falls pour assister à l’exposition ACAD et découvrir les dernières innovations que l’industrie a à offrir pour vous aider à augmenter vos revenus et les services offerts à votre clientèle.  Prenez le temps d’échanger avec vos pairs qui, tout comme vous, recherchent de nouvelles idées pour améliorer leurs affaires.  Au fil des années, j’ai eu de très nombreuses interactions lors de ces expositions qui m’ont motivé à apporter de nouvelles idées dans mes affaires.  Alors n’hésitez à faire le saut et assistez à l’expo ACAD.  Prenez les idées et innovations que vous y trouverez et intégrez-les dans vos activités et votre entreprise ne pourra qu’en bénéficier.   On vous y attend! Ed Kozma est Président de l’Association canadienne d’auto-distribution. Ed peut être joint au numéro de téléphone 484-888-0926, par courriel à l’adresse This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ou bien en téléphonant à l’ACAD au This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 905-826-7695 / 1-888-849-2262 (en langue anglaise).
Ann Arbor, MI – Materials Recovery for the Future is a new alliance of U.S. trade groups and companies that has announced new research aimed at improving sorting methods to recover more flexible packaging for recycling. Recycling Today reports. | READ MORE
Simcoe, Ont. – The rapid increase in electricity costs in the past five years has been challenging for business. Politics, clean-energy initiatives and the economy – they all affect the energy market and they have all had their part to play in rising prices.
Mississauga, Ont. – The Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association has announced the 2015 recipients of the vending and office coffee industry’s highest awards.
Guelph, Ont. – Four pilot mini-markets at an auto-parts supply company in Guelph, Ont., are experiencing strong sales after loading employees' cards with credit. The Financial Post reports. | READ MORE
Chicago – Participants in the National Automatic Merchandising Association's first Fly-in in late July met with 62 per cent of the U.S. Senate and 29 per cent of the U.S. House of Representatives on a variety of topics, including calorie disclosure and small business regulatory flexibility.

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