CLIF energy bars launched a new flavour and an initiative to make snackers feel good in more way than one.
Last Thanksgiving, Pringles® launched the Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner flavoured chips. The limited time offering gave snackers the chance to taste eight Thanksgiving-inspired flavours. 
Voortman Bakery, the heritage baking company and cookie manufacturer, has announced the return of its highly anticipated holiday cookie offerings.
Coffee capsule designer Evergreen created reusable coffee capsules that are compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto coffee machines.
Healthy snacking innovators BeReal Doughs have created a fun new lunch bag treat. Their unique gluten-free, organic, plant based edible cookie dough is now available in snack-sized containers for the first time.
The Ferrero Group launched Tic Tac Coca-Cola: a meeting of two iconic brands.
Red Bull® Canada unveiled the latest in their Editions series with the launch of its 2019 Red Bull® Winter Edition entitled ‘Holiday Spice’.
Cape Cod® Potato Chips  announced the limited release of Cape Cod® Pink Himalayan Salt & Red Wine Vinegar Potato Chips in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October.
Nestlé’s confectionery team in York have welcomed a new addition of its ever popular Rowntree’s Randoms brand as it continues to grow in the fruit sugar confectionery sector.
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it’s Ticket Man. The latest game in Andamiro’s Coin Catcher™ series, Ticket Man employs the manufacturer’s magnetic retrieval mechanism that picks up novelty metal coins.
On September 10, 2019 Mark Patterson and Jeff Norton announced the official launch of Civilized Coffee's line of full-spectrum CBD Coffee.
A new performance drink, LivTru made with purported antioxidant, curcumin, said to be aided in recovery. Not only intended for performance in sports endurance but also claims to be good for the brain.
As I write this article many of us are deep into enjoying our summer. For most of us this gives us time to catch our breath a little and plan for the last 4 or 5 months of the year. The same is true of the CAMA Board of Directors and CAMA Show Committee.
In speaking with the vending and convenience service industry’s leaders, I was most impressed with their ingenuity. In this issue you will read about how some vendors met a challenge, or transformed a difficult situation into an opportunity.
I have had the pleasure of serving on CAMA’s board of directors for eleven years, and once again, I am astonished at all the changes within our industry over this time. Over these past eleven years, I have had the pleasure of working with CAMA’s directors of the board, who have ensured we have evolved as an association.  
Balzac’s Coffee Roasters had grown from a small café in Stratford, Ontario into a successful chain within a relatively short stretch of time. It can be a challenge for any company to scale up effectively, but Balzac’s managed to grow into a series of artful spaces that retain local characteristics without using cookie-cutter branding to establish itself as a chain.
With the Canadian Coffee, Tea & Water show coming up, and HostMilano around the corner, operators and distributors are looking at how the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) industry is dealing with coffee’s growing popularity. Studies by Restaurants Canada and Europe’s Ulisse Information System indicate that people want better quality coffee, and are willing to both pay more, or go an extra distance to satisfy their craving.
Anything that provides our operators and our membership the ability to increase business, is a good thing for CAMA members. Cashless vending offers another form of payment, and any time you can provide an alternate form of payment, you have the potential for picking up new clientele,” says CAMA president, Chris Stegehuis.
It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Ronald Stanley Kane on Saturday March 9, 2019, just four days shy of his 84th birthday. He lived life and fought hard right up until his last day.
The way we’re doing business is changing. When the first unattended, coin-operated vending machine, or “automat” was unveiled in 1880 in England, dispensing postcards, entrepreneurs knew a business opportunity when they saw one.
Dan Baraniuk has worked as Canada’s longest-running and experienced route man. He looks fondly on his career in vending, which started in 1967. A proud husband to Cathy Baraniuk, the father of five children, and doting grandfather of nine grandchildren shares his experience with Canadian Vending.
The current president of CAMA, Chris Stegehuis took some time out of his busy day to share his hopes and enthusiasm for the upcoming CAMA 2018 Expo. The Ontario-born Stegehuis speaks with great affection for his former childhood home and hopes to share some of the rural beauty of the area with the CAMA Expo’s attendees.
When I asked the Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association’s (CAMA) new president Chris Stegehuis how he embarked upon a career in the vending industry, his story — like many of ours — involved a bit of coincidence. His post-secondary study had him pointed towards a career in golf course management but an off-season job with a vending company made him pivot.  
It was a beautiful mid-September Sunday morning in Montreal!  Nothing but blue skies, as Ella Fitzgerald sings.  I had just finished a 20 km bike ride and was sitting in Canada’s favourite meeting point (namely, Tim Hortons) at the corner of Bégin and Côte-Vertu, close to the airport.
Paytronix Systems, Inc., the guest experience platform, announced FEEDbackSM, a new module in Paytronix Order & Delivery designed to help store managers measure and mediate interactions with guests who place orders online.
U-Select-It Inc., a full-line vending equipment manufacturer, introduced Push-It, a new tray delivery system, which allows operators to increase profitability by vending higher margin products by using shelf space more effectively.
Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. company, announced the new Gryphon coin changer during the CAMA Expo in Montreal, on September 20, 2019.
Paytronix has released their Annual Gift Card Sales Report: for 2019.
Paytronix Systems, Inc., developer of a digital guest experience platform, announced the acquisition of Open Dining, the provider of ordering-and-delivery for small-to-medium-sized coffee shops and pantry service providers.
Technology transforms everything it touches, and the vending industry is no different. In a few years time, every food item we purchase could have its entire history – from the farm, to the production facility to the vending machine – tracked and labelled right on the package. Smart packaging will monitor internal food temperatures and assess whether the contents are safe for consumption.
Some of the largest point-of-sale providers in Canada sat down with Canadian Vending and Office Coffee Sales to discuss how cashless vending is evolving. With more consumers using cell phones and making online transactions, we started analyzing the technological trends and asked what the future holds.
Think of implementing cashless payment methods in your vending machines as the equivalent to giving your customers buckets of change. If someone can use a credit card, smart phone or other payment method, then they have no reason to pass by your machine without making a purchase and no reason to limit the amount they spend.
Canadian Pizza Magazine, created a fascinating podcast with PizzaForno, a Canadian company that is changing the way vending machines are being used. 
Manuel E. Parreira of the Bank of Canada spoke at the CAMA convention last October.  “In terms of money...we continue to see an increase of cash usage around 3 to 5 per cent every year. So that hasn’t changed. What we have seen change is the actual type of payments; we’re seeing more debit, more credit, more global markets are taking that market share.”
Parlevel Systems, a technology provider for food and beverage operators, has launched its Micro Market solution for the Canadian market.
Paytronix Systems, Inc., announced that 300-unit U.S. convenience store retailer Maverik, Inc. will move its Adventure Club™ loyalty program to the Paytronix platform. The ability to execute 1-to-1 marketing drove Maverik as the primary reason for the switch.
Fresh n’ Lean, a U.S. purveyor of organic ready-to-eat meals, announces the expansion of its healthy living aims with new on-the-go fridge for employees as part of subsidized corporate wellness plans. 
Snacking trends are evolving to include more multi-cultural flavours, according to Frito-Lay’s U.S. Snack Index survey.
A recently released report has found that a deposit return system (DRS) for non-alcoholic beverage containers, alongside improvements in the Blue Box program, would recycle an additional 118,000 tonnes of materials every year, as well as generating overall savings of $12 million.
MTN DEW, MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL and Doritos are joining forces with Activision’s Call of Duty franchise, in time for the highly anticipated release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
Kellogg Company unveiled its ambitious next-generation commitment to address global food security aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (U.N. SDGs) and launched its 11th annual Corporate Responsibility Report, Creating Better Days.
 Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc., one of North America’s marketers and distributors of fresh and fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, announced the launch of the Better BreakTM convenience lines, the solution for busy consumers on-the-go.
A little over a century ago, The Supreme Court of the US passed judgment under the Sherman Act to break up the most iconic monopoly in American History. Standard Oil, the monolith that controlled nearly 90 per cent of the American oil industry at the time, was broken up into 34 separate companies.
In a picture postcard setting, the Misty Mountain Farm is set with the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains in the background...and a cashless vending machine that dispenses eggs from its roadside stand. Normally, vending machines are a seen as an urban creation, made for dispensing big-city needs, but as the Poortvliet family found, it has an application for farmers, too.
Today’s vending machines are not just about impulse purchases. Lorna Kane, of Kane’s Distributing has been watching the trends come and go, and noticed that the machines are being used by entrepreneurs who test out their products through automated sales.
David M. Dussault, MIT graduate, developed new technology to create chilled coffee. As Elemental Beverage Company's co-founder and “chief alchemist,” Dussault created Snapchill.
To demonstrate its corporate commitment to recycling, Nespresso has partnered with Swedish lifestyle bike brand Vélosophy to produce a stylish bicycle made from recycled aluminium coffee capsules., publisher of the Safe Snack Guide, the resource that has been keeping allergens out of shared spaces and the home since 2011 — announces a new feature that allows pantry service and office coffee providers, managers, and event planners to tailor custom snack guides to match the allergen restrictions of their participants and attendees.
Panama's coffee farm Ninety Plus, sold a prototype of its Gesha (Geisha) coffee in Dubai, for a world record price of USD$10,000 per kilogram, breaking its own 2017 record set at auction of USD$5,001.50 per kilogram.
illycaffè, the third-generation family-owned coffee company from Trieste, Italy, announced the expansion of its e-commerce business into Canada, making the country the fourteenth to have a direct-to-consumer illy eShop.
Coffee was, is and will always be one of the most affordable luxuries. Regardless of socio-economic standing, it is one of life’s pleasures that some would argue is not necessary to survive (although I’d take exception to that) but in an instant, fills us with warmth and focus simultaneously.
Over the last two decades, the Coffee Coordination Board (CCB) of Vietnam has been working on developing higher-value production which would bring better prices to farmers in the coffee growing regions, and created a cannabis and coffee bean hybrid. 
There was a recent article in the Guardian where a young fellow by the name of A.J. Jacobs who was on a quest to express his gratitude for all the people who helped to deliver his cup of coffee.
Coffee has gained in popularity among emerging economies where the fashion of drinking it is seen as Western. The popularity of coffee in China alone has contributed to the growth in demand with supply doing its level best to catch up. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) reports that Chinese consumption of coffee grew by over 16 per cent per year from 2013 until now.
Millennials now outnumber boomers in the workplace, indicates the 2018 Nourish Trend Report , so it comes as no surprise that they influence the majority of trends this year.
Costa Rica – Costa Rica will lift a 30-year ban on Robusta coffee trees, a crop that is considered of lower quality than Arabica but that is more resistant to diseases and rising temperatures, the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed. Reuters reports. | READ MORE
Da Lat, Vietnam – With Vietnam’s exports accounting for just $3.4 billion US per year of the coffee-based beverage market out of $500 billion worldwide, there is room for the country to increase exports, said its agriculture minister speaking at a seminar in Da Lat. VietnamNet Online reports. | READ MORE
College Station, TX – World Coffee Research have teamed up with FlavorActiV, Coffee Enterprises and Square Mile Coffee Roasters to develop a set of 24 global standard flavour references that allow tasters all around the world to have an identical reference point.
About a decade ago, butter coffee started to surface as a “thing”. The idea was founded in more than just a very rich caloric beverage; the aim was to enhance the well-being of the consumer through an Atkins style regime based on ketosis (limiting carbohydrate intake in favour of fat and proteins).
The perfect tea blend is sometimes elusive. You had the perfect cup of tea on vacation: was it the water, was it the way it was steeped, was it the perfect temperature and time or was it the perfect blend of tea, herbs and spices?
Ripples introduced a new set of big-data analytics to its platform creating a new category for food and beverage marketers, called Beverage-Top Media.
Post Consumer Brands and WWE® announced an expanded partnership that brings the thrill and excitement of WWE to cereal boxes nationwide as superstars Becky Lynch and Big Show will be featured on the front of nearly 7 million boxes of Post Honeycomb® cereal and Post Golden Crisp® cereal.
U.S. caramel brand, Werther's Original, is debuting new brand creative that adds more relevancy to what consumers feel when they enjoy a Werther's Original caramel — "A little piece of bliss."
Guatemala, in the highlands of Huehuetenango, grows some of the best coffees Mesoamerica has to offer.  Growing along with the coffee is a palpable tension born of economic desperation by families who are losing their grip on their farms. 
Goodbye customer! It’s nothing personal (at least not usually). Sometimes customers’ expectations can’t be met, other times customers require an inordinate amount of time, and on rare occasions, a customer’s behaviour may expose an organization to undue peril.
Ninety-four per cent of Canadians currently employed say that workplace health, safety and mental well-being is important when choosing a job, according to an Angus Reid poll commissioned by the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC. 
The progressive discipline policy is about punishment – not improvement.
With the legalization of cannabis, many vending companies may need to revise their health and safety rules, and know their employees' rights.
Successful people all do one thing: they solve problems. They don’t just stare at the problem and wish it would go away.
Many companies view training as just “nice to have.” They think it is important to create an attractive, engaging training program for new hires, and that it might be good to have a focused course that teaches employees how to perform certain tasks or use certain pieces of company equipment.
Most people want to take shortcuts; however, the more thorough your preparation, the greater the likelihood is that you will have success. Preparation is essential to having confidence in yourself no matter what setting you are in—this will build your confidence when you are in high pressure situations such as interviewing for a job or dealing with higher-level bosses.
With the economy expanding in Canada, many owners are wondering if this is the year to consider selling the business. In most of the major regions of Canada there are five specific reasons why it would make sense to sell it sooner than later.

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