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A case for dynamic pricing

July 2, 2009
By Financial Post


A case for dynamic pricing
Consultant Augustin Manchon still seems to lament
Coca-Cola's reluctance a few years ago to establish temperature-based
pricing in its vending machines that would have customers pay more on
hot days.

July 2, 2009 – Remember the days when everyone paid the same airfare to Winnipeg,
no matter which airline you flew? Today it's a 30,000-foot
free-for-all, with nobody but the booking computer knowing whether you
paid US$90 for your flight or US$900. (Either way, you may still have
to pay for a pillow.)

Dynamic pricing, which is based on when you
buy, your customer history or the leg room you need, has long since
taken over the friendly skies. In most industries, however, dynamic
pricing is still awaiting takeoff. Sure, some restaurants offer lower
prices at noon than at dinnertime, but by and large Canada remains the
land of fixed prices founded by Timothy Eaton, whose 19th-century brand
promise was, "in selling goods, to have only one price." | READ MORE


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