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Allstar presents new sticker collections

August 6, 2013
By Administrator


Aug. 6, 2013, Quebec – Allstar released its Trash Pack and Super Paws sticker collections.

Allstar owns the exclusive license to develop bulk and flat vending products for Trash Pack There are twelve stickers to collect and swap, featuring disgusting characters like Rotten Fish, Stinky Cheese, and Mouldy Milk. Trash Pack has been a hit in chains such as Toys R Us and Walmart, with more than 66 million toys sold to date, reports the company in a media release.

The Super Paws sticker collection offers superhero animal stickers, including characters such as Spider Monkey, Flash Duck, The Incredible Hulk Bear and Bat Cat. There are 12 stickers in the series. All stickers come packed in 300 count boxes. Double-sided displays are available.


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