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Allstar unveils its latest stickers and tattoos

June 14, 2013
By Administrator


June 14, 2013, Quebec – Allstar Vending launched three new items for flat vending and a one inch capsuled toy.

The WWE Stat Stickers will feature wrestling stars such as The
Undertaker, John Cena and Sheamus on one side, with hard-core stats on
the other. The stickers contain information on the wrestler’s signature
moves, career highlights and more. There are 10 collectible stickers,
and are designed for kids of all ages.

Along with stickers, there are also two selections of tattoos: Mexican
and skull. The Mexican tattoos are part of a second series that comes
equipped with 10 different designs featuring skulls, flowers and an
Aztec-inspired sun.

Sharon Shilen, vice-president of Allstar Vending comments on the skull
“Skull tattoos continue to be a top-seller in our generic flat line,”
asserts Shlien. “For our second series we decided to add a few popular
icons, such as Bob Marley and Elvis Presley alongside our contemporary


The one inch capsuled Squishy Fishy is the latest edition to the
company’s squishy animal series. The fishy is able to float.
Allstar’s stickers and tattoos come packed in 300-count boxes and are a
suggested $1 vend.

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