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Allstar’s new flat vending product line

July 6, 2009
By Administrator


lps-stickers1July 6, 2009 – Allstar Vending is proud to offer new vending product lines that are guaranteed sellers.


July 6, 2009 – Allstar’s iCarly sticker series is based on the number one-rated live-action show for boys and girls ages 5-11. Shown on YTV,  iCarly’s ratings blast all other shows right out of the park.  Hannah Montana, eat your heart out!  iCarly’s numbers are so high that they even surpassed the NBA playoffs.  The show features Miranda Cosgrove as Carly who broadcasts her own popular web show, iCarly, with her friends Sam and Freddie – right out of her own attic.  Books, a soundtrack and DVD box sets are now available and the iCarly video game for the DS and Wii is scheduled for release in fall 2009.  Allstar’s iCarly stickers are available in a series of 12 colourful designs that showcase the characters in individual and fun group poses.

The votes are in.  Allstar’s Littlest Pet Shop tattoos are a hit!  Due to


great demand, Allstar is now presenting its new line of Littlest Pet Shop stickers.  This Hasbro toy franchise follows the lives of five miniature animals that live in a pet shop and have their own tree house.  Littlest Pet Shop has quickly become one of the biggest and most recognizable properties in the world, spawning everything from an animated television series, to multi-platform product lines that include pencil cases, notebooks, and t-shirts to video games for Nintendo’s Wii and DS platforms, action figures and digital daily planners. While every little girl may want them, the Littlest Pet Shop brand has huge cross-over appeal due to its cute collectable characters.   Now from Allstar, Littlest Pet Shop vending stickers are available in a series of twelve that depict these quirky, loveable characters and include some of their most popular catchphrases.



They shimmer! They sparkle! They shine!  They’re Disney Princess Glitter stickers currently available from Allstar.  This series of 12 stickers are feminine, timeless classics that will appeal to everyone, from little girls to grannies.  Traditional princesses like Snow White and Cinderella share the stage with Jasmine, Ariel and Belle (and many more!), and pose in beautiful gowns. Glittery crowns are also included in the collection.

Allstar’s final addition is a wonderful assortment of ten Pixar and Disney


Armband Tattoos. At 7.5 inches, these tats wrap around kid’s arms nicely and can also be placed on wrists and ankles. There is one for every taste and demographic.  Disney’s Cars gets boys engines revving, while Nemo, Toy Story and Monsters Inc. are perfect for the younger set.  The Incredibles’ armbands pack a punch for slightly older boys and girls, and WALL-E and Ratatouille are geared towards tweens.

Double sided and live display cards are available.  An attractive glittery, double display card showcases the Disney Princess Glitter stickers.  All products have a suggested vend of $1.00. Allstar maintains shipping facilities on the East and West Coasts, to minimize cost and expedite orders. Call 800-685-7066 or visit