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Allstar’s new toys for kids

January 7, 2014
By Administrator


Jan. 7, 2014, Pointe-Claire, QC – Allstar released a new line-up of kid-friendly items from tattoos to stickers and more.

Two-inch capsuled slinky mix

This slinky stretches like an accordion, bounces and walks down steps. The product comes in neon and rainbow colours and various shapes like hearts and stars amongst others.

Two-inch capsuled Puzzle Watches

This product is a watch that has puzzles instead of keeping time. Puzzle watches come in two-inch capsules with animal designs on the faces.


Funky face disguises #4

The funky face disguise series #4 offers an array of beards, moustaches and sideburns and features trendy eyebrows, clown noses and chin pinches.

Giant moustache mix

The giant moustaches come in two-inch capsules and are black, grey or brown.

Avengers Assemble tattoos

The Avengers Assemble tattoos are the latest series in the Marvel Comics superhero team. This collection features favourites like Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Thor, joined by newcomer, Falcon. There are 10 to collect.

Angry Birds Star War tattoos

Based on the game for Android mobile phones and iPhones, the classic Angry Birds dress up as Star Wars characters. There are up to six tattoos.

Terror tattoos #3

Inspired by horror film characters, the designs include Chucky, Norman Bates from Psycho, Hannibal Lector, Freddy Kruger and Leatherface. There are two Chucky designs in the series.

Zombie tattoos

There are 10 designs that feature the un-dead in various ghoulish poses.
Monster High tattoos
Based on Mattel's Monster High, the collection features the Monster High characters and come with accent tattoos like hearts, and monster-inspired fashion accessories. There are 10 to collect.

All of the tattoos come packed in 300-count boxes. Double display cards are also available.

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