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Apriva Wallet launches in the U.S.

January 16, 2012
By Administrator

January 16, 2012, Scottsdale, AZ — Apriva’s mobile commerce platform is now available to merchants across the United States.

The Apriva Wallet is a multi-functional, secure solution that can be white labeled by both merchants and channel partners. It allows consumers to engage in a rich and intuitive retail experience through their iPhone and Android smartphones.

“The majority of mobile wallets that are in the market today offer only a limited set of services,” said Paul Coppinger, president of Apriva. “The Apriva Wallet is a flexible platform that can support a wide array of devices and networks, and interoperate with a number of payments processors and financial institutions. We designed the Apriva Wallet from the ground-up as a standalone solution that encompasses all of the features required for a rich mobile commerce experience.”

“Apriva’s approach to introducing new technology is to empower merchant acquirers with products and services that they can use to differentiate themselves and achieve a competitive advantage. We’ve continued this philosophy by designing our wallet to operate within today’s infrastructure, as well as support emerging technologies that are entering the marketplace in the future. We seek not to disrupt the payment ecosystem, but rather to enhance it and, over time, evolve it.”


The Apriva Wallet can operate with any payment processor, financial institution and wireless carrier. It works with magnetic stripe payment technologies and does not require physical changes to the point of sale environment. The system can also work with emerging standards such as near-field communications (NFC) and Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV). It is compatible with both the Apple iOS and Android™ operating systems, and a Windows Mobile version is scheduled to release later this year.

The Apriva Wallet is built on the company’s AprivaTalk security protocol.

From a functionality standpoint, the Apriva Wallet brings together a number of features and applications to provide a rich mobile commerce experience for both merchants and consumers. Features include:

  • Easy opt-in: Consumers can easily download the Apriva Wallet at any participating merchant by providing their mobile number at the point of sale. They can also download the Apriva Wallet on-the-go through the various app stores.
  • Secure transactions: Apriva Wallet utilizes AprivaTalk, which exceeds all regulatory mandates, thereby providing greater protection for merchants and financial institutions from fraud.
  •  Electronic receipts: Apriva Wallet delivers instant electronic receipts on every purchase. Consumers can receive these receipts on their mobile device as well as in their preferred email accounts.
  • Loyalty programs: Apriva Wallet offers an integrated and comprehensive loyalty program to merchants at no charge. This full-featured offering can be branded by merchants and enables even small businesses to compete with larger companies by offering their own robust program that can result in greater customer retention, increased sales and higher profits. Apriva Wallet can also integrate with a merchant’s existing loyalty program.
  • Location-based services: Apriva Wallet supports location based service technologies to help both merchants and consumers benefit from geographically-targeted offers.
  • Couponing: The Apriva Wallet allows merchants to distribute coupons to any specific set of customers.
  • Tickets: Consumers can use the wallet to purchase and download event tickets to their mobile device.
  • Advertising: Merchants can use the platform to promote new offerings to individuals, groups or mass markets.
  • Social Media: Apriva Wallet integrates with Facebook and Twitter, enabling consumers to communicate and share retail experiences through social networks.
  • Identity protection: Consumers can store personal information in the Apriva Wallet, such as driver licenses, institutional identity cards, healthcare information, passports, and other cards that a consumer would carry in a physical wallet.

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