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Automated retail goes high fashion

May 15, 2013
By Administrator


gi_70523_valet-blackMay 15, 2013, Mississauga, ON – Imagine your product displayed in a retail window. Not in a store, but in an automated retail machine. Quattro Clothiers, a high-end menswear shop in the heart of the busiest fashion-shopping district in Toronto, has decided that this is the future. Quattro wanted to expand their reach and increase their exposure.

While researching different options, the company saw a demonstration of
Signifi’s SpotShop dispensing kiosk and “The Quattro Shirt Lab” (QSL)
was born. The QSL will feature mid to high-end Italian designer shirts
priced from $225 to $395. The kiosk’a tray system allows for careful
handling of luxury items and delivers the product to clients in the
company packaging.

“The SpotShop provides a great marketing
opportunity – huge billboards on three sides and a glass display to
showcase our products,” says Paul Devellis, Partner at Quattro
clothiers, in a press release. “We could open up at least four Shirt
Labs for the price of opening a traditional store, save on the costs of
leasehold improvements and reduce management time and effort.”


allows any company to increase distribution and save on costs of
on-going staff. The concern of shrinkage is also eliminated as the kiosk
controls inventory. “Our automated retail SpotShops are a fusion of
hassle-free online shopping, with the instant gratification of real life
shopping,” says Shamira Jaffer, CEO of Signifi. “They are stylish and
fun, and can be placed right in the path of travelers and target

The SpotShop kiosk can be custom designed to showcase
any unique brand. The digital video display screen can showcase custom
content to promote products and appeal to different demographics.
Quattro also intends to use the machines to drive traffic back to their
brick and mortar store by placing units within a three to four mile

“I am confident The Shirt Lab will attract new customers
and turn heads when people see high-end shirts being sold out of a
machine,” says Paul. “Moreover, the tie-in with Facebook is brilliant.
Essentially, we will have our own ever-changing living, breathing
advertising machine.” Signifi is developing marketing campaigns
leveraging social media directly through the user interface.

high-end brands such as Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent and
Alexander Wang also want to test these vending machines for clothes.