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AVT, MedBox to launch biometric secured vending system

November 8, 2011
By Administrator


November 8, 2011, Corona, CA – AVT Inc. (formerly Automated Vending Technologies) has partnered with MedBox to provide a new line of secure automated retailing systems that feature MedBox's patented biometric fingerprint recognition system.

The new system provides extra security for automated retailing applications where recognition and verification of the customer is critical.

AVT worked with MedBox to integrate its patented identity verification system into automated prescription medicine dispensing machines. Pre-registration into a private database, which includes taking a fingerprint sample, is required before a person can use the machine.

Patrons get quick and convenient access to their medication, while pharmacies gain increased inventory awareness, accuracy and lower overhead costs.


AVT is now using the licensed technology to create secure automated retailing solutions for companies that want to sell high-ticket items in a self-service automated environment, and need extra verification to prevent credit card fraud. Current projects include the development of secure systems for major retailers in the jewelry and watch industry.

"Soon, customers will be able to purchase a $65,000 diamond necklace or Rolex watch at a beautiful automated system, watch as the robotic arm gently places the package in the receiving tray, and have their new gift in hand in under two minutes," said Shannon Illingworth, founder of AVT Inc. "And with our biometrics fingerprint recognition system, it is all done in a secure and trusted environment."