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Barnie’s Coffee introduces Pecan Sticky Bun flavour

February 24, 2020

Image courtesy of Barnie's Coffee & Tea

Sticky bun fans, rejoice! For a limited time and while supplies last, Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co. is introducing its new Pecan Sticky Bun medium roast coffee, packed with southern-inspired notes.

Blended from 100 per cent Arabica coffee, Pecan Sticky Bun perfectly blends the nutty richness of toasted pecans with caramel, maple, and buttery pastry flavours. Although equally delicious as the decadent pastry, Barnie’s blend won’t ruin New Year’s resolutions. A 6-ounce cup has less than five calories and no sugar. The new blend is also ideal for consumers with special dietary needs. It contains no nuts nor nut derivatives, no fat, is gluten-free, and is available in decaf.

Said Barnie’s chief sales and marketing officer Scott Uguccioni in a press release, “As we enter our 40th year pioneering the most flavourful roasts, we decided to tap into our southern roots and feature the almighty pecan. Our roast master, a Florida native who once lived close to the Georgia border, was inspired by his favourite childhood pastry when developing our newest blend.”

Describing the coffee in his own words, Barnie’s director of coffee programming Dustin Finch said, “The perfect pecan sticky bun has a warm dough the consistency of a freshly-made doughnut, slightly caramelization on the top with a little brown sugar, and a topping of fresh, toasted locally-grown pecans, crunchy and coated with a sticky glaze. I loved the challenge of replicating these flavours in a mouthwatering roast that everyone can savour.”


Pecan Sticky Bun joins a list of award-winning flavoured roasts. More than 20 flavours are now available online at, including Cool Café Blues®, Creamy Buttery Caramel, Barnie’s Café Blend® and the wildly popular Santa’s White Christmas®.  The price is $9.49 per 10-oz bag, and other discounts are available depending on quantities purchased.