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Bassé Nuts offers a healthy snacking solution

April 15, 2019
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of Bassé Nuts

Today’s health-conscious consumers expect more out of their snack foods and a leading Canadian healthy snack company is helping business owners deliver. 

Bassé Nuts offers wholesale snacks that are in line with trending consumer preferences, including bulk dried fruit and nuts, bulk edible seeds, and superfood-driven snack mixes

Superfoods are nutrient-heavy foods that offer a big dose of health benefits. They contain a variety of nutrients necessary in a well-balanced diet, as well as minerals, healthy fats, and cancer-fighting antioxidants. The term – and superfoods themselves – have grown sharply in popularity over the past decade, particularly as consumers do more research on how to improve their lifestyles. 

Superfood ingredients like nuts and seeds have been heralded in many publications, blogs, and online articles, but it’s not always easy for retail owners to find reliable suppliers of these products. The task is made especially difficult by-products and gimmicks that use “superfood” as a buzzword without actually delivering on health and quality. 

As healthy snack suppliers, Bassé Nuts is a leading purveyor of snack foods that bring the very best of superfood ingredients together to create products that consumers love: conveniently packaged dried fruits, nuts, and seeds sourced from some of the best farms in the world. Super snacks such as Bassé Nuts’ Brazil Nuts contain powerful antioxidants, while organic dried fruits provide quick energy boosts and are packed with vitamins and minerals. 

In 2018, Canada released its new food guide, which shined a spotlight on superfoods and their necessity in a healthy diet. Among the recommendations were nuts and seeds, which were featured as great sources of plant protein. Along with whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, plant-based foods are highly recommended for healthful living. 

Businesses looking to stock their shelves with the wholesome products consumers want can contact businesses like Bassé Nuts.

Learn how these wholesale snack food distributors are bringing more superfoods and super snacks into stores. In addition to wholesale and bulk buying, Bassé Nuts also offers private label services that allow retailers to put their own name, spin, and packaging on snack products of their choice.