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Bassé Nuts offers private label branding

March 11, 2020

Logo courtesy of Bassé Snacks

Private label market share is increasing six times faster than national brands, and Bassé Nuts is helping brands meet consumer demands and create their own healthy snacks.

Companies don’t need to look far to see the growth of private label brands, which are providing health-conscious consumers with a broadening range of single-serve and bulk healthy snacks that grow brand awareness quickly and efficiently. And with its private label services, Bassé Nuts is at the forefront of helping brands take advantage of evolving preferences and put their own private label snacks on the shelves.

The growing popularity of private labels vs. national brands — and the willingness of consumers to pay more for private label food — led to $143 billion in private label product sales in 2019. In a Nielsen report, consumers noted favourable attitudes toward private brand products and a belief that these products are good or even better than their name brand counterparts.

Bassé Nuts, a Canadian provider of wholesale organic snacks, is poised to help businesses capitalize on this growing trend, with tailored packaging that promotes existing branding strategies and a focus on affordable, tasty, and healthy snacks and a wide range of gluten-free and all-natural options. Bassé provides retailers with everything that they need to innovate with their branding and maximize this effective branding strategy.


In addition to a growing desire for private label food, consumers are also looking for healthier food. As many as 60 per cent to 70 per cent of consumers are willing to pay premium prices for natural, ethical, enhanced or “less of …” foods, which has brought healthy snacks mainstream and offered more opportunity for businesses looking to expand with private label products.

Bassé appeals to consumers who want quality healthy snacks but don’t want to break the bank – or simply spend less for a generic bargain. To meet the demand, Bassé offers bulk gluten-free snacks available for private label, as well as organic, vegan, and kosher certified options, among several other key dietary certifications.

Private labeling doesn’t mean sacrificing on quality. With private label services from Bassé Nuts, businesses can easily create and package unique, innovative, and high-quality products that cater to the needs of a concerning clientèle.