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Be the Leaders, not the victims

November 25, 2009
By Alicia Lavay-Kertes | Vending Times


munchiesNov. 25, 2009 – Alicia Lavay-Kertes, a writer for the Vending Times, explains how vending could influence healthy choices, if machines included healthier options. 



Nov. 25, 2009 – I was in my local health food market last week, and had the chance to chat with the owner while he was ringing up my groceries. I was telling him how much I enjoy the fresh packaged sandwiches and salads his store provides, because I can take them with me to work for lunch during the week.

"Not only are these items better for me," I said, "but they save me money, too."
I went on to tell him that I had since been delighted to find the same "Healthy Korner" offerings available at the new Jet Blue terminal at Kennedy Airport, and I wondered why the company doesn't supply them for vending machines. The packaging seemed perfectly appropriate for vending, so what would be the obstacle? This led to a discussion about his kid's school lunch program and the availability of healthy selections in the on-site vending machines.

The shop owner reported that he had asked the school to stock some "better-for-you" items, because he was concerned about the food his children were eating while away from home. But when the school officials checked with their vendor, they decided it would be too expensive to add that kind of product. Yes, you do pay more for nutritionally rich and varied ingredients, but we also know that an increasing number of consumers are prepared to incur this added expense. What's more, there is evidence that others are willing to pay the price but are unable, either because these items are not available to them or because the price is too high. If a deficient diet impairs your health, that will certainly cost you in the long run (and, increasingly, the rest of us too).


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