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Bluedrop aims to shake up vending industry

February 19, 2014
By Stanley Hurwitz


Feb. 19, 2014, MA – The father and son team behind Bluedrop
Water say they want to change the status quo in several vending categories through
‘disruptive’ innovation.

“Our goal is to seriously disrupt the status quo in several
ice, water and vending business categories,” said Brendan Dickinson, president
of Bluedrop Water, in a press release.


Bluedrop Water, based in Randolph, Mass., is a relatively
new entry in the purified water and ice vending space.

“Wherever we install our vending units, they’re better for
the environment and for consumers than most current offerings by our
competitors. We’re building a niche that has gotten the attention of our
competition,” he said. 

On Jan. 1, Dickinson was named president of the company. His
father, Mark Dickinson, is a commercial real estate developer and as an original
investor in Bluedrop he has assumed the title of chairman. The duo has been
expanding Bluedrop’s solutions to locations throughout the United States. 

Bluedrop’s equipment is provided to participating retailers
free of charge, and it manufacturers and bags purified ice that can then be
purchased and dispensed to customers 24 hours a day. The system is designed so
that retailers benefit by protecting their margins on bagged ice by receiving
one less delivery and eliminating theft and shrinkage of bagged ice, which is
known to be a difficult product to transport due to melt. The kiosk also sells
purified water which can be dispensed in 1 and 5-gallon volumes.

Bluedrop’s product offerings include:

Ice/Water Vending Machine: This is the
alternative in the bagged ice industry. Ideal for placement in front of
convenience stores, grocery stores, etc.

Office Purified Water Cooler: The company describes
this as enemy No. 1 for the big bottled water companies that deliver 5-gallon
jugs to their home and business customers. Bluedrop’s coolers eliminate
the need to replace jugs and frequent deliveries. Ideal for offices, homes, warehouse,
healthcare, etc. 

Flavor Kiosk: Designed to replace vending
machines serving primarily less healthy fare, this kiosk dispenses premium
health-focused products for health-conscience consumers. Ideal for any location
that has a snack food vending machine.

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