Canadian Vending

BMC Universal Technologies launches new Media Kiosk

November 9, 2015
By Laura Aiken

Toronto – Store-front leasing rates are skyrocketing, companies want innovative methods of selling items and consumers want convenience, speed and personalized purchases. BMC Universal Technologies and its new Media Kiosk are taking a stab at solving all these problems.

Taking a huge leap from the company’s legacy products, the iconic, cherry red Beaver gumball machines, the Media Kiosk provides an interactive buying experience with state-of-the-art, patent pending features including: consumers’ ability to have complete control over their selection and quantity of snack items dispensed in a hygienically sealed bag stamped with nutritional information; multiple payment options; a 65″ HD screen featuring retailer or Brand advertising; and, exclusive software that instantly captures critical consumer data such as facial response as well as approximate age and demographic.

The BMC Media Kiosk technology also allows remote handling of product management, digital advertising and branding requirements.

“This is not my granddad’s bubble gum machine,” says Robert Schwarzli, vice-president of product development, referencing Beaver Machine founder Josef Schwarzli, who launched the Canadian company in 1963. “In fact, the software we have integrated into our Media Kiosk is somewhat like Google Analytics. It provides the Media Kiosk owner with information on the approximate age and demeanor of its consumers, as well as gender and attention span. The data is anonymous and used to cater the right product to the right consumer.”


Currently, the Media Kiosk dispenses up to eight different loose bulk items. However, the BMC engineering team can accommodate the dispensing of many different items.  

The Media Kiosk can also be programmed to complement a Brand’s Omni-Channel efforts. Omni-Channel, the newest buzz in marketing, puts the customer at the center of its strategy. It recognizes that mobile and social media have enabled customers to not only quickly switch between channels, but actually use channels simultaneously. This includes checking out product reviews on their mobile phone while evaluating a product on a physical retail store shelf. Omni-Channel marketing ensures customers receive personalized conversations with brands, and helps brands measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

In the next three years, the Canadian vending machine industry revenue is expected to grow to about $715.8-million (IBISWorld study, 2013).