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Bolthouse Farms adds immunity-boosting drinks to its line

Image courtesy of Bolthouse Farms and PRNewsfoto

Bolthouse Farms is adding to its suite of juices and smoothies that help support a healthy immune system with its new latest beverage: Superfood Immunity Boost.

The new blend, an excellent source of Vitamin C, D and Zinc, contains elderberry, cranberry and echinacea, and will be available on retail store shelves in late-October this year. With consumers making more mindful choices at the shelf, Bolthouse Farms has met the demand for more functional, immunity-supporting products.

“Consumers’ needs are changing quickly, and we heard from our customers that the demand for products that help promote wellness, that taste great and are available at a good value is growing at a fast pace,” said Bolthouse Farms chief customer officer Phil Kooy in a press release. “We quickly developed the new Superfood Immunity Boost juice and added multi-serve sizes of our other immunity-boosting juices and smoothies, providing the value and function consumers are looking for.”

Today’s consumer is looking for products to address overall personal wellness–maintaining a healthy immune system remains top-of-mind with cold and flu season just around the corner. While the Superfood Immunity Boost fruit juice blend is available in only the larger 52-ounce multi-serve bottle, Bolthouse Farms has selected five of its most nutrient-dense beverages to offer in this format as well as its single-serve 15.2-ounce bottles, including:

  • C-Boost – with 600 per cent daily value of Vitamin C per serving, this blend with pear, mango and Acerola cherries this drink claims to help support a healthy immune system.
  • Green Goodness – a combination of ingredients, like apple, mango, kiwi and spinach, are perfectly blended for a smoothie with great taste and a good source of antixoxidants, vitamin A and vitamin B12.
  • Multi-V Goodness – flavour from cherries, strawberries, cranberries and pomegranates combine to deliver 6 grams of fiber and 100 per cent  daily value of 13 essential vitamins including A, C and E per serving.
  • 100% Pomegranate – pomegranates are one of the best known superfruits and the ruby red seeds give this juice a unique sweet/tart flavour.
  • Carrot Ginger Turmeric – a twist on traditional carrot juice with ginger and turmeric for a flavorful beverage that is not only an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin A, but also supports an anti-inflammatory diet.

These new size offerings and the new fruit juice blend are another step in the company’s journey toward its long-term visionand follows the launch of Bolthouse Farms plant-based Protein Keto beverages.