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Bonduelle to acquire single-serve salad maker Ready Pac

March 1, 2017
By Canadian Vending

Renescure, France – Bonduelle, a maker of ready-to-eat vegetables for canned, frozen, fresh-cut and delicatessen markets, will acquire Ready Pac Foods, a U.S. maker of single-serve salad bowls.

This milestone transaction is a key step in Bonduelle’s “VegeGo! 2025” strategy of being “the world reference in “well living” through vegetable product,” the company said in a news release. Bonduelle expects this acquisition will strengthen its international footprint and dramatically change its profile. Bonduelle acquired Aliments Carrière in Montreal in 2007 and Allens in the U.S. in 2012.

Based in California, Ready Pac Foods produces single-serve salad bowls through its Bistro Bowl suite of products. Ready Pac Foods is also a producer of fresh-cut produce, offering packaged salads, fresh-cut fruits, and mixed vegetables to its retail and foodservice customers. Ready Pac has four production facilities in Irwindale, Calif., Jackson, Ga., Florence and Swedesboro, N.J., and employs about 3,500 full-time employees. The company generates approximately $800 million in revenue.

Ready Pac Foods will become Bonduelle’s fifth business unit, along with Bonduelle Long Life Europe (BELL), Bonduelle Fresh Europe (BFE), Bonduelle Eurasia Markets (BEAM) and Bonduelle Americas (BAM), the latter being devoted to canned and frozen vegetables in Americas, from North to South.