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Brightbox charging stations part of owner-operator program

March 30, 2015
By Canadian Vending


March 30, 2015, New York – Mobile device charging locker manufacturer Brightbox has initiated an owner-operator program.

March 30, 2015, New York – Mobile device charging locker manufacturer Brightbox has initiated an owner-operator program.

Charter member owner-operators Best Bars, OIG and Downtown
Charge are enhancing the guest experience at a variety of restaurants,
bars, casinos, and nightclubs in the U.S. by providing safe and secure charging via the
Brightbox Mark3 Charging Platform, the company said in a news release.

Brightbox provides secure charging stations for
on-the-go people with mobile devices including cellphones, tablets,
back-up chargers and batteries.


Consumers can continue to communicate, navigate, search, share, pay
and play on their mobile devices, while their devices are being charged at a station the company says delivers
both physical security and data privacy. Cellphone users swipe a
credit/debit or complimentary card to open an available station
chamber, plug in their mobile device or accessory to one of three
industry standard charging cords, close the chamber and return later to
swipe the same card to retrieve their charged phone. Venues can offer
device charging via Brightbox as either a complimentary or paid amenity.

Best Bars, based in New York City, provides Brightbox charging
lockers in 10 bars in New York City and Chicago. Louisiana’s Oaklawn
Investment Group (OIG) has charging kiosks in a number of casinos, while
Downtown Charge currently serves a series of restaurants, bars and
nightclubs in downtown Orlando’s Wall Street complex with 15 Brightbox
charging stations.

The program provides multiple monetization
opportunities, from recurring monthly revenue via PCI-compliant card
payment processing, without the hassle of coin operation, to customized
on-screen ad content as well as sponsorship and branding initiatives
that increase customer loyalty and brand impressions for which
owner-operators can receive credit.

“The program is an ideal way for operators in automated retail
businesses like vending, jukebox, ATM and point-of-sale to increase
their service offerings and generate additional income,” said Don Rossi, senior vice-president of sales at Brightbox, in the release. “ROI from advertising
revenue as well as amenity fees is immediate and impactful.
Owner-operators can also attain quick capital payback and see profits
from short-term kiosk rentals for conferences, festivals and other

The ability to safely charge via Brightbox improves the overall
customer experience helping to competitively differentiate a venue, the company said.
Guests happily remain longer while staying connected to family, friends
and social apps, knowing they can securely charge their phones at any
time. Brightbox charging is instrumental in retaining patrons who might
otherwise be tempted to leave if their phone is without a charge, while
also ensuring continued consumer interaction with a venue’s targeted
mobile offers and promotions. Brightbox drives traffic, engages patrons
and results in more satisfying dwell times while offering a branded
benefit that guests associate with their experience.

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