December 2, 2011 - Starting a social media campaign for your business is like entering into a relationship. For it to succeed over the long term you must be committed to it and have realistic expectations as to what you’ll get out of it.
September 28, 2011 - Pop in some change and catch a soda can? That's so yesterday. Now innovation has produced vending machines that spin cotton candy, "gift" a soda to a friend miles away and make Ramen Noodles in three minutes. | READ MORE
August 26, 2011 - Whether the issue is that you have too much to do, too little help, too daunting a task, or all of the above, you can feel at times there's no way to keep up. Without some kind of a plan for your time, you can feel stretched to the point of insanity. Fortunately, you can start to take control by learning to maximize your time.
What routines are preventing you from increasing your sales? Whether you realize it or not, you are a creature of habit.
If you want to be competitive in today’s marketplace, you have to do one main thing: Serve customers 10 times faster than you do now. “
As a leader, it does not matter what product or service your company offers, or what specific responsibility your team has. Your job is to motivate and develop your employees.
March 10, 2011 - When your customers aren't sure which of your products or services they should buy, consider this handy tool that not only helps create clarity, but also positions you as a trusted advisor. I'm referring to a time-tested sales tool known as SWOT.
NEWS HIGHLIGHT A new look for the Galleria and Quatro The Galleria and the Quatro machines with a new modern design and suited for a more contemporary feel. Available starting January 2011.
Product rationalization often isn’t the easiest or most straightforward task to perform effectively. The decision to continue selling or to discontinue a SKU (stock-keeping unit) often comes down to a variety of issues. If it were simply a matter of dropping the poorly performing products in favour of something more popular, life would be easy. Your product line is an ecosystem and, much like nature, removing one species from the mix can be a game changer for better or for worse.
Ever notice how some people in your office are just naturally funny when they make presentations? How they seem to know when to make a joke and what to say to make their audience chuckle? Your presentations have the same great information, you sell the same great products, and you work for the same great company. So why do these people have exciting meetings, get more sales, and have customers and co-workers who show appreciation, when all you get is blank stares?
CURRENT ISSUE Humour me Find out how a sense of humour can relieve tensions in meetings and presentations and improve your bottom line.
At one time or another we have all been inclined to toss a freebie into the list of products or services that a customer has agreed to purchase. It seems so easy that sometimes we don’t even think about it.
While most business professionals today realize that social media marketing is the way of the future, many are still confused about Twitter.
Art imitates life and life imitates art. And today, what works in business works in life and what works in life, works in business.
With all the recent layoffs and the unemployment rate hovering around the double-digit mark, those who are still employed face a tough dilemma.

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