All you have to do is look around you to know that brands are powerful. In fact, most people are so loyal to certain brands that they stick with them for life. If brand-name products can evoke that kind of loyalty, why can’t people? Well, they can!
"The problem with my salespeople is they’re not cold calling enough!” That’s the concern I hear most often from sales managers and business owners when I speak at conventions on how to boost sales. Yet when I examine their cold calling strategies, I generally find they’re ill conceived.
You cut, slashed, and hammered costs till your knuckles bled. Now what? Is there another, perhaps faster, way to grow profits?
Many forward thinking companies know the value and importance of offering a strong warranty on their products and services. They understand that customers who feel confident in the company’s desire to back up their products will be more likely to purchase from them.
If you, someone in the company, or a defective product, caused the problem, it was your fault
Nowadays, most places of employment – from small businesses to multinational corporations – contain a pocket or two of whispering staffers fretting over the impending change that is about to hit their world, or complaining about the one that just took place.
 How many times have you gotten into a tough situation and done something “dumb”? Perhaps you even said to yourself, “Boy…I’ll never do that again.” But then the next time you were in a similar situation, you did the same “dumb” thing again. That’s a limiting belief.
Over one-third of all North Americans today are minorities; plus there are over a million people from overseas immigrating every year. The numbers of people from diverse cultures are growing so rapidly that the census bureau expects this group to be nearly half of the population by 2050.
Does this sound familiar? After dozens of phones calls and e-mails as well as several face-to-face meetings, you finally reach an agreement with a prospect who is intent on buying your service, product or solution.
For years, when most people heard the word “coaching,” they thought of athletes training on the field or people in the arts learning to perfect their craft.
Is your head trash piling up?
In good times, running a company is exhilarating. Money is flowing, customers are happy; employees have a spring in their step. In not-so-good times – like now – the very same job can feel like scaling Mt. Everest in a snowstorm while wearing a knapsack filled with bricks and suffering from a bad case of the flu.
It’s possible to create a good life for yourself in the coffee business, but of course it’s not automatic.
You’ve heard all the headlines … “rising gas prices, housing sales down, auto sales down, the escalating credit crunch, rising inflation, looming recession and possibility of stagflation.”
Companies across the country face the same challenge: Their cash flow leaks like a sieve and they have no idea how to fix it. 

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