Many business owners and managers report that their industry is changing rapidly, and they feel that it’s more difficult to do business today than it was just a few short years ago.
“That’s not my job.”  “Sorry…I can’t help you. That’s the marketing department’s problem.”  “I don’t know anything about that.”  These are just a few of the phrases that reign in organizations that lack accountability. 
What’s the first thing you can you do to ensure that your customers are happy and loyal? You need to make sure that you have happy, loyal employees. There is a direct correlation between employee and customer satisfaction.
Leslie paid attention to the trends in the market. At one time she could almost stand on the side of the road with a sign that said “For Sale” and she could make her quota. Things were no longer that way and she, as well as others in her industry were now having to work much harder and much longer to make even the smallest sale.
What are you afraid of? If you are like most of the people I encounter in my sales training programs, you likely have some type of fear relating to the sales process. When I pose this question to people in my workshops, the fear of rejection is usually the top concern participants express.
It’s an issue almost every business owner faces – staffing.   “It’s an issue facing large and small enterprises,” says human resources expert Barb Adams. “And there’s no magic bullet … but there are a combination of things (that can be done).”
Loyalty. It’s a great idea – clients who appreciate you for what you do, and who wouldn’t think of retaining someone else to do that type of work for them.
Recently, my wife and I had to renew our mortgage for another term. The last time our mortgage was due, our bank called several months in advance and offered a good interest rate, so we automatically renewed with them without shopping around.
In recent years many businesses have begun to approach their clients differently. They are now labelling them as guests, which has been the norm in the hospitality industry for decades. Many restaurant chains as well as car dealerships and airlines have even taken to using this term.
WINNIPEG (CP) – Within two years, Manitoba school divisions will have to start tracking and reporting school-based fundraising, including revenue gained from vending machine sales. 
The global video game industry, currently worth an estimated €45bn (£30bn / $55.6bn), is set for the biggest growth spurt in its history.
Ever wonder why Canadians are so obsessed with the price of gas?  With signs at every corner and news reports heard every hour, we are constantly being inundated with changing prices, leaving us both hyper-aware and hypersensitive.
What customers say and what they mean can be two very separate things in the service industry. It’s difficult to know if the feedback they give you is an accurate reflection of their feelings or the situation.
If you were to survey a group of salespeople with the question, “What is the toughest thing you have to face in doing your job?” the most popular answer would likely be some variation of: “cold canvassing, or introducing myself to a new prospect.”
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