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Caffeine Bullet chewing gum shoots its way to US market

February 27, 2019
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of Caffeine Bullet

Caffeine Bullet was developed by British marathon and ultra-running champion David Hellard.

The sports chew presents itself as an alternative to sports jellies or energy drinks, as stimulants are absorbed quickly through gums and saliva, than by digestion. The idea of consuming caffeine by way of chewing gum isn’t exactly new; products like Blockhead have been exploring the purposes of functional chew gum for a while. 

The chew is mint-flavoured, contains 100mg of caffeine with a blend of four electrolytes which provides the daily dose of 400mg for adults.

The caffeine-fuelled gum will be available on Amazon in the US, but the company has plans to secure distributors for specialty store listings in the near future.