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Calypso theme waterpark opens its door!

October 8, 2009
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Calypso theme waterpark opens its door!

Guy Drouin, president and CEO of Valcartier
Vacation Village Group, has announced a preview tour of the
new Calypso Theme Waterpark.

Oct. 8, 2009 – Guy Drouin, president and CEO of Valcartier
Vacation Village Group, has announced a preview tour of the
new Calypso Theme Waterpark. The population is invited to discover the
unique attractions and behind-the-scenes operations of Canada's largest
theme waterpark, scheduled to open on June 7, 2010.



Calypso is turning on the taps!

On Thanksgiving weekend; Saturday Oct. 10 to Monday Oct. 12, 2009,
the Calypso team will be waiting to show visitors the huge scale and
many attractions of the new park, including some of the slides in

"During this test run we'll be turning on the water on the attractions," Mr. Drouin
said. "Visitors will get a taste of the experience awaiting them next
June, although without actually trying out the attractions. The
behind-the-scenes tour will give them an overview of what will make
their future visits such memorable experiences." While visiting,
residents will also be able to purchase season passes and gift
certificates; at a pre-launch special rate. What a terrific Christmas
gift idea!





Creating jobs

The construction of the new theme waterpark off Highway 417 between Ottawa and Montreal
has created more than 100 jobs over the past two years. More than 500
seasonal jobs will be created once the park opens in water safety, food
services and customer services.

Canada's biggest theme waterpark!

With a waterpark area of more than 100 acres, Calypso stands out
for the sheer size of its site. It features 35 water slides, each more
breathtaking than the last and all at technology's leading edge. In
Canada's largest wave pool, 50,000 square feet, the size of three NHL
hockey rinks! Swimmers will be able to plunge into waves reaching
heights of 4 1/2 feet. Its landscaped areas, designed for relaxation,
can accommodate nearly 4,000 sunbathers. The currents of the
one-of-a-kind Jungle Run River will let you meander lazily through a
jungle world. Each attraction has a theme that lets visitors into a
fantasy universe; a pirate's ship, a scientist's lab and a water zoo
among many others.

Land activities too

Relax while drying off! Calypso Park will provide many dry-land
activities, on site animation and two international-caliber beach
volleyball courts. At the end of your day, enjoy the tropical beach
band at the Hawaiian Beach Bar.

With an investment of over $45 million, the new waterpark confirms
the Valcartier Vacation Village Group's leadership in driving Canada's
recreation and tourism sectors. The original Valcartier Vacation
Village, 20 minutes from Quebec City, was founded more than 46 years ago and has continued to expand and develop, with an investment of more than $50 million.

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