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CAMA connection: July/August 2009

CAMA Show To Move

August 31, 2009
By Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association


By the time this issue of Canadian Vending hits our desks, May will
seem a long time ago. Nonetheless, I would like to recognize and thank
the 2009 CAMA Expo Committee for the delivery of an outstanding show in

By the time this issue of Canadian Vending hits our desks, May will seem a long time ago. Nonetheless, I would like to recognize and thank the 2009 CAMA Expo Committee for the delivery of an outstanding show in Hamilton.

There were some who questioned the choice of Canada’s Steel City for the show; however, the convention centre and layout proved to be one of the best ever. Despite the weak economy booth sales were not affected and there was a higher than usual number of first time exhibitors. Attendance was also significantly higher than projected, again with many first time attendees.

CAMA’s expanded mandate to represent the office coffee sector of our industry was evident at the show with the offering of the Quality Coffee Certification Program, which drew a higher attendance than early offerings in the U.S. Appreciation is extended to NAMA for permitting CAMA to bring this valuable training program to Canada, and to CAMA director Neil Madden whose hard work and persistence resulted in such a successful learning opportunity.


There are a number of other changes scheduled for North American vending shows and we are confident that the success of CAMA’s Expo 2009 establishes a strong foundation for these changes. On September 23, NAMA will hold their last fall show at the Navy Pier in Chicago. Canadians are encouraged to mark these dates and be sure to attend CAMA’s Canada Night Reception at the Chicago Marriott Downtown on September 24. Beginning in 2010, NAMA will hold only one annual show and it will be in the spring of each year.

To avoid conflict with the U.S. show, our CAMA Expo will move to the fall of each year. In 2010, we will again venture to a new site and the show will be held at the Calgary Stampede Centre on September 24-25. By moving to Calgary, our goal is to again offer the Expo opportunity to operators who would not normally attend.

It is interesting to note that owner-entrepreneurs do not generally travel long distances for shows, and yet when they have attended one they see the value and become regular attendees going forward.

Of course, it is not all shows. CAMA continues to work on many issues. Directors dialogue regularly with the Royal Canadian Mint, the World Vending Association, and on regulatory and advocacy matters.

We will keep readers informed in this column. In the meantime, if you have questions regarding CAMA activities, please feel free to send them to my attention at or to the CAMA office Your input is always welcome.

Kim Lockie, President
Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association

Au moment où la revue Canadian Vending atterrira sur votre bureau, le mois de mai nous semblera bien loin. Cependant, je désire prendre un moment pour souligner le travail incommensurable accompli par le comité organisateur de l’Expo 2009 de Hamilton. Certains ont douté du choix de la Capitale canadienne de l’acier comme ville hôtesse.  Ceux-ci ont été rabroués car l’Expo 2009 fût un très grand succès, une des meilleures expositions.  Malgré la situation économique précaire, le nombre de kiosque vendu ne fût en rien affecté et même qu’un nombre record de nouveaux exposants s’y est présenté. L’achalandage fût aussi en hausse significative par rapport aux prédictions, ici encore par de nouveaux participants.

Le mandat de l’ACAD s’est élargi afin d’inclure le secteur de la pause-café. Cela s’est entre autres traduit par la mise sur pied du Programme de certification en qualité du café, programme qui a attiré de nombreux participants, même plus que les premières versions du programme similaire aux États-Unis. Nous remercions la NAMA d’avoir permis à l’ACAD d’offrir ce programme au Canada et nous remercions également Neil Madden dont le travail acharné a permis cette occasion unique d’apprentissage.

Il y aura de nombreux changements dans le paysage des expositions pour le monde de la machine distributrice en Amérique du Nord et nous sommes confiants que le succès de l’Expo 2009 sera une bonne base pour ces changements à venir. Du 23-25 septembre prochain, la NAMA tiendra sa dernière exposition automnale au Navy Pier de Chicago.  Les Canadiens sont encouragés à assister et bien sûr de participer à la Soirée Canada au Marriott de Chicago le 24 au soir.  Dès 2010, la NAMA ne tiendra qu’une seule exposition printanière.

Pour éviter tout conflit avec les expositions au sud de la frontière, notre exposition ACAD déménage en automne de chaque année. En 2010, nous nous aventurerons en terrain nouveau en allant au Centre Calgary Stampede les 24 et 25 septembre 2010. En allant à Calgary, nous offrons aux opérateurs de la région une occasion unique d’assister à notre exposition.  Il est de notoriété que les propriétaires exploitants n’ont pas tendance à franchir de grandes distances pour assister aux expositions.  Dès qu’ils participent à une, ils voient ainsi les avantages de participer régulièrement.

Bien sûr, il n’y a pas que les expositions.  L’ACAD continue à travailler sur de nombreux dossiers. Les directeurs sont en constante communication avec la Monnaie Royale Canadienne et la World Vending Association.  Ils travaillent aussi sur d’autres représentations.  Nous tiendrons les lecteurs du magazine des développements futurs dans ces colonnes.  Entre temps, si vous avez des questions concernant les activités de l’ACAD, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec moi par courriel à ou avec l’ACAD à Votre participation est toujours bienvenue.

Kim Lockie, NCE, Président
Association Canadienne d’Auto-Distribution

Since joining the CAMA board in May 2008 as a former director for OCVSA, it has been my privilege and honour to work with the board members of CAMA to develop a solid office coffee mandate for the association.

In just over a year, we have collectively

  • Changed the tagline of CAMA to better reflect office coffee, foodservice and vending
  • Updated our by-laws merging the OCVSA by-laws into CAMA
  • Held a very successful trade show in Hamilton, inclusive of a coffee pavilion
  • Re-instituted the Stuart Daw Gold Service Award
  • Increased our membership to better reflect OCS companies within CAMA
  • Changed the rules of the Directorship to ensure representation by the Office Coffee Industry

But perhaps the best achievement of the last year was holding the NAMA Quality Coffee Certification Program in Hamilton in May.

The CAMA board brought in guest speakers from NAMA including Roger Stewart (National Director of Coffee Services NAMA) as well as Jim Nelson from Everpure, and the course instructor Mike Tompkins, a long time industry veteran.

This was the first joint education seminar of its kind between NAMA and CAMA and we are looking forward to continuing this relationship in the years to come.

The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) Quality Coffee Certification Program (QCCP) demonstrated the importance of building customer loyalty through premium products and helped office coffee service operators distinguish themselves from convenience stores and other operators.

At the QCCP session, sponsored by Reunion Island Coffee, participants tasted different blends and single origin coffees from growing regions around the world and had the opportunity to taste and evaluate each coffee. Attendees also learned first-hand how much effect water has on coffee and how to help their customers with their water issues. In addition, they evaluated the impact on the brewing process in different single cup brewers currently on the market. 

Attendance was great, especially given the current economic mindset. Having over 22 graduates of the inaugural course in Canada was well beyond expectations. It is evident that OCS operators in Canada are looking toward this type of education.

Many operators that attended the session have commented on the knowledge and ability to take their new knowledge back to the office to help others out. It was a true success.

Look for further opportunities to attend this session next year.

Neil Madden

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