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Camp Rock at Allstar vending

November 19, 2008
By Administrator



Camp Rock at Allstar vending
With the release of another successful Disney Channel original movie, Allstar Vending is releasing a full line of Camp Rock products.

On the heels of Disney’s enormous success of Hannah Montana and High School Musical comes Camp Rock, another musical made for TV movie featuring the extremely popular Jonas Brothers.  The Disney channel original movie, Camp Rock, was released this past summer and averaged 8.9 million viewers. It has emerged into its own and is on top of the world with huge record sales. The Camp Rock DVD was released in August, and the Jonas brothers have been on tour with record sold out crowds. Without any doubt, sales for our new Camp Rock stickers and tattoos will be massive.
camprock_vendingThe movie is set at a summer camp for aspiring young music artists and stars newcomer Demi Lovato, along with all three members of the Jonas Brothers. The music filled movie is about one girl’s dream of becoming a singer. Upon arriving at this prestigious Camp Rock she soon discovers the competition among the campers and in the classroom where she is trying to get the attention of a teen pop star (celebrity teacher). This Disney movie has already proven to be a success and plans are on the way for a sequel. In conjunction with the movie, a soundtrack was released, and features smash hit songs by The Jonas Brothers, who are currently on tour.

 Allstar’s new line of products begins with both STICKERS and TATTOOS for the flat vending machines.  Both series feature images of the stars, Mitchie & Shane, along with the remaining members of the Jonas brothers. The stickers are die cut, and printed on prismatic paper. There are 12 designs in the series. The 10 tattoo designs are large in size (4” x 3”) contain multiple images per sheet, so that kids get more for their money than just one tattoo. Suggested $1.00 vend. We have also made beautiful double sided displays to enhance sales. 


 In order to cater to the entire industry, we are also releasing stickers and tattoos to be sold in capsule machines. The new mini stickers and mini tattoos are made to be sold in 1” capsules for a $0.25 vend. Each series includes 10 different images. The standard packaging of either stickers or tattoos will contain one unit per capsule. Custom orders for these items will also be available upon request. We will be more than happy to include 2 units per 1” capsule, for a suggested $0.50 vend, or put multiple units in a 2” capsule for your $1.00 machines.

 In the Tween world, The Jonas Brothers are currently at the top and show no signs of slowing down. Their appeal is growing by leaps and bounds internationally as well. The items are not available for sale in the Canada or the U.S until January 1st, 2009; however, we will be taking backorders immediately.

 For more information of these products contact Allstar vending at (800) 685-7066 or visit our website at