Canadian Vending

Canadian beverage association commits to 20% calorie reduction

November 3, 2015
By Laura Aiken

Vancouver – The Canadian Beverage Association (CBA) has established a new initiative to reduce caloric intake from non-alcoholic beverages by 20 per cent over the next 10 years.

The CBA described this initiative as “a substantial and unique voluntary effort by an industry to help fight obesity” and expects that it ” will transform the beverage landscape in Canada.” The initiative includes a commitment “to provide consumers with more low- and no-calorie choices.”

GLG Life Tech Corporation (GLG), a global company in the agricultural and commercial development of zero-calorie natural sweeteners, applauds the CBA’s health-oriented focus and its firm commitment to reducing caloric intake among Canadian consumers. GLG has proven natural zero-calorie sweetener solutions already in use in global beverage applications that have successfully reduced calories by 20 per cent and at significantly higher levels, indicated GLG in a news release.

GLG’s natural product portfolio includes zero-calorie stevia and monk fruit extracts, proprietary blends and other functional natural ingredients.