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Canadian beverage company expands to U.S.

February 19, 2020

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Koios Beverage Corp. announced that it has retained San Antonio-based retail brokerage firm Creative Sales & Marketing, Inc. to place Koios’ products in new storefronts in the southwestern United States, with a focus on “big box” grocery retailers and specialty retailers of natural goods.

CSM will be introducing all of Koios’ current beverages to prospective new retailers. The company believes that the efforts of CSM will also be instrumental to building early-stage awareness of the recently-launched Fit Soda™ line of functional beverages, complementing existing promotional efforts that are currently underway.

Founded in 2001, CSM has worked with hundreds of different vendors of consumer goods. CSM is led by its founder David H. Smith, who has extensive experience in the retail industry; particularly at the H-E-B chain of supermarkets in the United States, where he was a team leader of health and personal care procurement, as well as the director of new business development. To date, CSM has placed more than 4,000 SKUs (stock keeping units) on store shelves.

With an objective of expanding Koios’ presence in the southwestern United States, CSM will present the Company’s products to its existing buyer contacts at its retail partners, and it will also establish new buyer contacts through events such as trade shows. With each retailer, CSM will create a tailored “go-to-market” plan to maximize synergy between a given retailer’s unique attributes, and Koios’ product line.


Koios CEO Chris Miller commented in a press release, “As our products continue to gain popularity, we have to be very strategic about placing a reliable supply of our products in stores to meet and sustain existing demand, as well as to foster new demand. Successful in-store placement of a new product takes far more than just getting a chain to purchase or stock the inventory; it takes a results-driven plan at the outset, attentive eyes and ears on an ongoing basis, and a dynamic approach to acting upon sales data and customer feedback to keep the product’s in-store presence at the top of its game. We are very impressed with how CSM has made relationships with so many retailers in the southwestern United States, representing more than 7,000 doors through which our products can ultimately be sold. We look forward to working with CSM and their team who will act as our partners as they apply their expertise to our product line to drive value and long-term growth.”