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Canadian-made PPE and Sanitary Vending Machines

August 24, 2020

Yonge and Sheppard subway machine provides PPE for its travellers. Image courtesy of Klear Vending.

Canadian vending company, The Klear Company Inc (operating as Klear Vending) is a Toronto-based company offering masks and sanitary products in vending machines across Canada.

The company has partnered with Riocan and another major Canadian landlords, and is expanding across Canada. Klear is currently in four malls in Ontario, and will be installing machines at an additional fifteen locations over the next six weeks. Klear is also in talks with hospitals and large venues to roll out their machines.

Founded in April by architect and designer Noam Hazan, Noam came up with the idea when he forgot his mask when he went grocery shopping and struggled to find a mask.

“Masks are now mandatory in public places, so we wanted to provide an easy and convenient way for people to grab PPE on the go” said Hazan in a press release.


Hazan partnered with Gershon Hurwen, owner of Loyalty Markets, a leading Independent Canadian provider of micro-markets, vending services, office coffee, and pantry services.

When asked what will be of Klear when a vaccine is found, Hazan response was “If you think about it, vending machines are actually one of the first interactive robots. We are seeing a tremendous change in the retail landscape and I believe that automated retail will play a big part in that evolution. I also don’t see us moving away from masks any time soon and in the same way that we wear different styles of socks or ties, we are going to want to have different styles of masks.”

The machine includes high quality fashion and sports masks for adults and children, disposable 10 packs (for each size), hand sanitizer gel and spray and phone wipes.  Prices range from $3.95 – $25.95.

Klear will be launching their own line of products in the coming weeks and will also be introducing a new line of children’s masks, neck gaiters and transparent masks.

The machine is fully cashless to reduce the number of times a customer needs to touch the machine. The machine gives users the option to select an item through a smartphone by using the Monyx app. Users simple scan a unique QR code and can select, pay and vend the items through their smartphones. The only touch point for the consumer is when they collect their item from the bin.

The current list of locations in Ontario are:

Current Locations selling PPE in vending machines across Canada:

  • Yonge and Sheppard Centre, Toronto
  • Georgian Mall, Barrie
  • Lawrence Allen Centre, Toronto
  • Mill Woods, Edmonton

Confirmed to begin selling within the next 10 days

  • Yonge and Eglinton Centre, Toronto
  • Oakville Place, Oakville
  • Burlington Centre, Burlington
  • 5th & Third East Village, Calgary