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Canadian start-up launches Hojicha Co.

October 11, 2018
By Canadian Vending

image: Hojicha Dark Roast Image courtesy of Hojicha Co.

As green tea is enjoying its “health halo” for purported health-related benefits, tea consumption is on the rise with millennials and older generations. A Canadian start-up launched a specialized line of green teas available in North America.

Hojicha is a strain of green tea that is currently widely popular in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, where a strong demand for hojicha exists. It is naturally decaffeinated and contains no additives.

The company was founded by two Canadians, Danielle Geva and François Mathieu. Mathieu partnered with Geva to launch Hōjicha Co. with the goal of bringing premium hojicha roasted green tea to North America. The two were inspired by the unique flavour profile of this style of green tea, and wanted to bring it from Japan to Canada.

Currently, the Hojicha Co. is only selling their goods wholesale or online, in Canada. The only two blends this company offers are Hojicha Dark Roast or Hojicha Gold Roast.