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Canadian startup launches app for loose change

June 6, 2016
By Maria Church

Photo source: ChangeJar

Ottawa – A Canadian company has created a mobile app that lets users receive and pay with change using their phones. ChangeJar launched its mobile payment platform for loose change at several cafes and other merchants in Ottawa last month.

ChangeJar founder and CEO Tom Camps said in a press release the app takes advantage of the merchant and consumer benefits of dealing with cash without the hassle of using coins.

“By capturing the value of change on your mobile phone, ChangeJar is making cash easier and faster for everyday retail and P2P payments,” Camps said. “Consumers get the convenience of electronic payments and merchants get a great tool for attracting and rewarding customers all without transaction fees.”

Merchants can add the ChangeJar app to their existing iPad-based point-of-sale terminals, and the app is free for consumers to download and use.


The company plans to expand the app’s availability in Ottawa and to other Canadian cities later this year.