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Canadian Vending Online: March 2008

March 11, 2008
By Canadian Vending staff


onlinepageRecession Survival Guide
As recession talk heats up, so does the panic. Every day seems to bring new signs that stress the weak state of neighbouring America’s economy. Consumers have slowed their spending, more and more employees are being laid off, the housing boom is a distant memory, and the stock market is in constant flux. While businesses are already seeing the effects – sales continue to decrease – it’s not too late to start preparing.

According to financial guru Patrick Astre, businesses and consumers alike should always be prepared for a recession, just as they prepare for different seasons, but it’s not always the case.

Build Trust and Rapport Quickly
If you’re working hard, but aren’t consistently generating enough sales and getting referrals, chances are it’s a matter of trust. One of the most critically important and yet frequently overlooked aspects of selling is creating a solid foundation of trust and rapport.

Sales trainer and business motivational speaker John Boe looks at how you could incorporate a few simple, yet highly effective ideas into your selling process and substantially increase your bottom line.