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Canadian Vending Online: May 2008

May 7, 2008
By Canadian Vending staff


A Three-Step Internet Plan

brentsampson1A Three-Step Internet Plan
Just a few years ago, we all received our monthly bank statements in the mail and the information was 20-30 days old. Nowadays, anyone can access his or her monthly bank statement at any time – just by visiting his or her bank’s website. There is a reason why banks are relegating paper statements to the analogue dustbin of history: money. Brent Sampson explores ways to improve your own profits. READ FULL STORY

The Upside to the Downturn
If you’re a vending operator, it’s likely that some of your recent workdays have gone something like this: You bolt awake (probably after a sleepless night), grab the financial section of the paper, and turn on your TV to get the latest worrisome financial news. Then, once you make it to work, you lock yourself in your office to carefully examine your company’s financial projections for the next few months, wringing your hands as you fret over every possible worst case scenario. Sound familiar? If so, David Giannetto says it’s time for the handwringing to stop – and the smart thinking to begin. READ FULL STORY


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