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Canadians live large, drink small

April 20, 2009
By CNW Group



Canadians live large, drink small
Happy Planet launches first all-natural functional shots to allow Canadians to live large, drink small.

Happy Planet, known for its premium food and beverages, announces the launch of an innovative line of all-natural beverage shots packed full of herbs and vitamins.

Happy Planet Shots – including Energy +, Immunity, Detox and Glow were formulated to address four specific occasions. By infusing specially selected herbal wonders from around the world with key vitamins and minerals, and with a premium fruit juice base, each shot provides a total net effect that both tastes good and works. There is no added sugar, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients so each 75 ml is a shot of pure concentrated goodness.


"With so many people leading a fast-paced life where they work and play hard, Happy Planet Shots provides a healthy solution," commented Randal Ius, vice-president, Brand Development, Happy Planet. "Depending on what life throws you on a given day, Happy Planet Shots can help re-charge your battery, help battle a cold, provide some post-party detox or help with some emergency skin nutrition."

Energy +…Big Ambitions? Small Bladder?

Gets people moving and helps them stay alert both physically and mentally. It combines Cha de Bugre, traditionally used in South America as a stimulant that elevates energy levels with Ginkgo Biloba which aids in increasing blood and oxygen levels in the brain with vitamins B6 and B12.

Immunity…Take more illegitimate sick days
Jumpstarts your immune system and signals your body to defend against a
cold and flu. This shot combines Fucoidan, an algae regularly consumed by the
Japanese (famous for longevity) together with Echinacea, zinc and vitamin C.

Detox …Tequila has an antidote
Rids your body of harmful toxins, keeps a healthy balance and offers an
ideal way to recover from a great night out. Detox is dosed with Burdock, a
root known for its legendary ability to cleanse and protect the liver. Detox
brings together Milk Thistle, a ridiculously prickly plant that helps the
liver regenerate and protect the kidneys, ginger (calms the upset stomach) and
sodium/potassium (fluid balance).

Glow…Look good and no one will care that you are boring
Provides a shot of anti-oxidants and anti-aging ingredients to make you
feel good inside and glow on the outside. Ingredients include Coenzyme Q10
which helps your body repair cells together with Sea Buckthorn Berry which
aids in the healing and restoring of skin tissue along beta carotene, Selenium
and vitamin E to inhibit free radicals and keep skin smooth and elastic.

Happy Planet Shots will be sold at retailers across Canada including:
Canada Safeway, Loblaws, Whole Foods Ontario & BC, Capers, Choices Market, Shell Canada, Husky, Mohawk, Chevron, FAS Gas Short Stops, Mac's Convenience Stores, Sunoco, Quickie Convenience Stores and MacEwens.

Consumers can learn more about each shot through the Happy Planet Shots interactive website and enjoy animation come alive at In addition, Happy Planet Shots will be launched with a witty grassroots marketing campaign which will see posters on hoardings across the country, a huge Facebook initiative with online advertising and sampling at events in key Canadian cities throughout the summer.

About Happy Planet
Happy Planet is Canada's leading natural and organic food company. Started in 1994 in Vancouver, BC, the company sells premium juices, smoothies, and organic soups and has now introduced a line of all natural herbal, vitamin/mineral Shots across Canada. All Happy Planet products come from 100% natural ingredients from the best sources on the planet and are made without preservatives, artificial ingredients or colourings.

For further information: Christine Leonard, Tel: (905) 845-9603,