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CBD drink sales expected to exceed $1B in next four years

February 26, 2019
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of Flow Alkaline Spring Water

According to data gleaned from The Beverage Digest and consumer analyst company, Zenith, the sales for CBD-infused drinks will surpass those of soft drinks or bottle water by 2022.

Beverage Digest’s report Global CBD Drinks Report 2019, measured the current trends for functional or pain-relieving beverages infused with CBD and found that the market jumped to US$86 million in 2018 alone.

The category of CBD drinks advanced economically once hemp was removed from the US Controlled Substances Act.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all the drinks will give a promised high; Cannabis has two active ingredients, THC and CBD. THC is the chemical that has psychoactive properties, in other words, can alter perception and moods. CBD, however, is an abbreviation of cannabidiol which has reported medicinal properties of pain relief. Some sports bars in Canada are


Canada currently has a few lines of drinks on the market that are infused with CBD, such as TruBuch and Flow Glow.  Coca-Cola is currently considering including CBD infused beverages in the future.