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Cereal biggest seller in healthy snacking trend

September 5, 2018
By Canadian Vending

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Consumer research has revealed that cereal is no longer just a breakfast food item. Mintel revealed that more than 43 per cent of cereal consumers eat it as a snack.

Healthy vendors or those looking to stock office pantries would do well to supply office kitchens with a range of single-serve cereals, according to the study. Best selling options would be on the go containers of cold or hot cereal, or full grain granola bars.

Mintel examined the cereal-eating habits of a wide range of working-age consumers, and the outliers were the younger generations. 56 per cent of people in the 23-40 age range eat cereal as a snack at home, while 21 per cent of youth in the 18-22 age range preferred cereal on the go.

Out of all of the people studied, 74 per cent of the consumers all agreed it was great for a snack. However these days more consumers are eating more ancient grain-based cereals, such as muesli, granola and high-fibre cereals.


The sales implications for vending machines and pantry services are clear: Keeping inventory stocked with cereal promises to boost sales, particularly single-serve containers.