Canadian Vending

Chapman named president of U-Vend America

August 11, 2015
By Canadian Vending

Santa Monica, CA – U-Vend Inc., a developer, distributor and marketer of self-serve electronic kiosks, has appointed Mark A. Chapman president of U-Vend America. 

U-Vend America is a division of U-Vend Inc. that controls and manages the company’s U.S. consumer products operations.

Effective immediately, Chapman will assume the role of U-Vend America’s president with a primary focus on revenue growth within the U.S., the company said in a news release. Specifically, he will be responsible for all facets of the Company’s U.S. business development, consumer products introduction and sell-through, and will oversee the company’s overall U.S. domestic market expansion. 

“Mark’s ability to develop and grow a brand is well-documented, and will serve us well as we are at the initial stages of launching our professional sports-themed ice cream products. As we continue to develop and bring to market other consumer products, Mark’s expertise will play a critical role in the execution of these tremendous opportunities that lie before us,” U-Vend Inc. chief executive officer Raymond Meyers said.


“After several weeks of working with management and understanding the current brand and product relationships U-Vend has or that is pending, I realized that we have the potential to create an extremely successful company. When I consider the diversity of consumer retail products that are economically and logistically suited for these ‘smart’ self-serve kiosks and merchandisers, combined with our digital advertising integration model, the outlook is very exciting. I am looking forward to working with Ray, Paul and the rest of the team as we strategically position U-Vend to become a very valuable, profitable and respected firm,” said Chapman in the release. 

Chapman brings with him over three decades of extensive experience and success in the retail and consumer products industry. He began his career in marketing and sales with General Foods Corporation, subsequently, joining the Dr. Pepper company as marketing manager and later serving as vice-president of The Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Company. From 1983-85 he was director of sales and marketing at Malt-O-Meal. In 1987 he founded and served as chief executive officer of United Sales Inc., a Midwest sales, marketing and consumer products distribution company, which he grew over 10 years, and was eventually sold to Fleming Inc.

Chapman has been a brand consultant and advisor for consumer product-related companies such as Coke Foods, Dial Corp., Del Monte, First Brands, HJ Heinz, JM Smuckers, Kellogg’s Frozen Foods, First Brands, Land-O-Lakes, Shasta Beverage and Breyers Frozen Products.