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Coca-Cola Life launches in Canada

October 21, 2016
By Administrator


Coca-Cola in Canada has launched a diet cola that has 50 per cent fewer calories than regular colas and is sweetened from a blend of stevia extract and cane sugar.

Coca-Cola Life joins other trademark brands marketed under the “Taste the Feeling” tagline, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola in Canada said in a news release.

Coca-Cola Life will be available in 500 ml PET bottles, 12- and 15-packs of 355 ml cans and six-packs of 222 ml mini cans at major retailers in Canada.

“As leaders in innovation, we know Canadians love our brands and want more choices in flavours, package sizes and sweetener options,” said Michael Samoszewski, vice-president, Sparkling Business Unit, Coca-Cola Ltd. “Coca-Cola Life fills a very clear gap among Canadians looking for a great-tasting reduced-calorie soft drink that is sweetened from natural sources.”


Coca-Cola’s portfolio in Canada includes more than 300 beverages, more than 70 of which are reduced-, low- or no-calorie, the company said. It also joins an increasing number of Coca-Cola beverages sweetened in part by stevia extract.