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Coffee machine features automatic capsule ejection system

October 13, 2016
By Administrator


La Spaziale of Italy will have its new S15 coffee machine on display at the TriestEspresso Expo in late October.

The machine meets the requirements and the trends of portioned coffee in hotel, restaurant, café and vending market segments, which mostly require flexible professional machines combining automatic use and the action of the operator, the company said in a press release.

It is designed as an alternative to the manual use of the portafilter: it is compact, compatible with various capsule formats and able to deliver more cups simultaneously than previous models.

The company designed the S15 to be easy to use and to provide an optimal and consistent result in the cup.


Among its features are an automatic capsule ejection system, whereby the capsule is inserted from the top and at the end of the delivery; once used up, it falls in the collecting box placed by the delivery group.

The machine has a water tank of 5.5 litre capacity, which can be easily refilled from the top or connected to water mains. Other features include a wide cup warmer, a steam wand for cappuccino, atouch-screen control panel and a USB connection.

Users can select single short coffee dose, long coffee dose and the free flow mode and the two coffee groups and the boiler can be independently switched on and off to achieve energy saving.