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Coffee Trends: Spring 2011

The Last Page

April 18, 2011
By Brian Martell


Canadian Vending & Office Coffee Service Magazine is going to a
digital format. The sentence is straight forward and matter of fact with
no added punctuation or hyperbole required.

Canadian Vending & Office Coffee Service Magazine is going to a digital format. The sentence is straight forward and matter of fact with no added punctuation or hyperbole required. Yet it is more than a transition to many who have a love affair with the printed word on a glossy page.

For over 50 years, Canadian Vending (and later Canadian Vending and OCS) has been providing the industry with news, updates, innovations and advisories to vending and OCS professionals across Canada. Before the age of Internet, it was an anticipated publication, often read from cover to cover as much to find out what was going on but also as a way to stay in touch with other professionals through trade shows and advertised events. It was also a way for those of us on the supplier side to reach our customers through advertising to a broader market of neophytes, and established companies alike.

And while the tactile satisfaction derived from holding print media between our fingers may be waning, the reality of new media’s popular growth speaks volumes of where many periodicals are headed. I can’t help but think that there also was a nostalgic longing for clay tablets when papyrus scrolls became the dominant media; ditto for hand-printed books post-Gutenberg. 


In the 12 years that Coffee Trends has been running articles in Canadian Vending and OCS Magazine, the editors at Annex Publishing have allowed a wide range of topics that always had my favourite beverage as the common denominator or the OCS and vending industries as the foundation. If you will indulge me on a little stroll down memory lane, the following are some of the topics that made it past the cutting room floor and onto the pages of the magazine.

We explored coffee trees bred to produce caffeine-free beans; findings on coffee’s beneficial health attributes; behavioural science in foodservice; proposed and actual government interventions; demystification of the international commodity coffee market; brewing principles; new technologies; new products; market trends; coffee history; coffee speak; tributes to great coffee people; roasting 101; transforming coffee grounds into bio-diesel; anti-oxidants in coffee; coffee soft drinks; and others.

This final ink article is long from being an editorial requiem; the beauty of our industry is that, like changing modes of media, we also are constantly evolving.

So where is Coffee Trends going after this issue? It’s headed to the digital format of Canadian Vending and OCS as a semi-monthly blog under the rubric “Coffee Write.”  The format will be shorter and more frequent; and as always, will be true to what readers have come to expect: timely information on our specific industry. I look forward to the new format, the new challenge of higher frequencies and most of all, staying connected with the respected and admired industry professionals who (hopefully) will read the digital version.

The issues facing our industry and the opportunities that spring forth continue to present themselves at great velocity. Will potential new government regulations make roasting and distributing coffee more difficult? What are the long-term ramifications of the current “over-heated” green coffee market? What are the opportunities/challenges in the further consolidation of the roasting industry? What is the next evolution in brewing technology? What is the latest study saying about coffee’s health effects?

These and more will continue to be driving points that define our industry and will be explored in the new format as they were in ink.

This is indeed the last page (both figuratively and literally) of Coffee Trends. It is also the phoenix of the new format that promises to better keep pace with our ever changing industry, to hopefully challenge our thinking, and to keep our commercial community grounded in what matters most. As always, I look forward to your feedback; both positive and more importantly of the constructively critical type.

As we move in the digital direction, I am reminded of the hallmark words of the coffee industry’s de facto, if not bona fide patron saint…onward and upward!

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