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Coin pusher game machines remain popular

August 14, 2017
By Canadian Vending

De Pere, WI —Games such as the Plain Jane Coin Pusher with a built-in bill changer feature low maintenance and a high level of reliability that continues to earn popularity points despite the assortment of high-tech game machines on the market, reports 8 Line Supply.

8 Line Supply, a distributor of gaming, amusement, coin-operated machines, accessories and parts, reported in a press statement that coin pushers maintain their status in the entertainment realm by virtue of their ease of operation for owners as well as players.

“Game machines with a high level of reliability will always have a place among quality gaming entertainment options,” said Matt Murphy, sales and inventory manager at 8 Line Supply. “Coin pushers are examples of a simple technology that attracts players and generates a quick return on investment.”