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Cold coffee infused with nitrogen

June 7, 2017
By Administrator


Station Cold Brew Coffee Co. has launched its Nitro Cold Brew in a nitrogen-packed can.

The cold coffee is an all-natural cold brew steeped for 18 hours in cold water, infused with nitrogen and double filtered, the company said in a press release, noting “The result is a sweet, aromatic and bright coffee that lacks the bitterness and acidity of the modern ‘iced coffee’ and goes down smooth.”

It is made in the New Orleans tradition of including roasted chicory designed to add a dark chocolate flavour to the coffee.

According to Station Cold Brew, the cans don’t require a widget but instead are packed with nitrogen. The idea is for customers to give the can a shake, crack the top and pour. The coffee contains no added sugar or dairy .


It comes in 10-pound cases of 12 cans, has a shelf life of 4.5 months and must be stored in a refrigerated state.