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Conagra Brands showcases new products at NACS show

November 9, 2020

Conagra Brands, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, is one of North America's leading branded food companies.

Conagra Brands, Inc. isn’t slowing down its snack invention agenda. The company is bringing even more new meat snacks, seeds, salty snacks, popcorn and sweet treats to its virtual showroom, “Crack The Code Experience” at the online 2020 National Association of Convenience Stores.

The  Conagra Brands’ $2.5 billion snacks portfolio is one of the fastest-growing in the food industry

“Conagra is focused on building confidence with our convenience store customers,” said Burke Raine, president, Grocery & Snacks for Conagra Brands in a press release. “Now, we’re launching even more savage innovation with big flavour, bold protein and different forms that people want from our iconic brands, including Slim Jim, DAVID, BIGS and Duke’s.”

Conagra Brands is also showcasing a selection of merchandising vehicles for convenience stores, which enable optimal assortment, better placement and improved product visibility to maximize impulse purchase. Its Slim Jim Countertop Caddy Stand Fixture, designed for the front-end of convenience stores and sized to place at checkout, is one of many displays, racks and shelving units ready to catch the attention of consumers.


NACS attendees who visit Conagra Brands’ virtual showroom can interact with many new snacks, including:

  • Slim Jim® Savage Mild Flavor Smoked Meat Sticks: Three times bigger than Giant Slim Jim Sticks, made with beef, pork and chicken and packed with 6 grams of protein per serving. These Savage-sized meat snacks contain no artificial flavors and no artificial colors… just the satisfying taste of Slim Jim Mild Meat Stick goodness that will have you saying, “Ohhh yeah!”
  • Slim Jim® Monster Size Meat Stick, SONIC® Chili Cheese Coney Flavor: Each of these individually wrapped meat snacks eats like a meal with the delicious flavors of SONIC’s® iconic Chili Cheese Coney. These Monster size smoked meat sticks contain 11g protein per stick. Perfect for slaying hunger and boredom at home or on-the-go.
  • Slim Jim® Monster Shortboi Meat Stick, Original Flavor: Each of these individually wrapped, keto friendly meat snacks packs a bold taste of epic proportions. Made with beef, pork and chicken, these monstrous smoked meat sticks contain 6 grams of protein per stick and fit a low carb lifestyle. The handy on-the-go size can go with anywhere, anytime.
  • Slim Jim® Monster Size Meat Sticks, Original Flavor and Mild Flavor, 12-Count: Ideal for on-the-go and made with beef, pork and chicken. These smoked meat sticks contain 6 grams of protein per stick and fit a low carb lifestyle.
  • Duke’s® Beef Original Smoked Shorty Sausages: Made from premium ingredients and slow-smoked to pint-sized perfection. These keto friendly snacks are made with 100 per cent beef that is seasoned with sea salt, crushed pepper and spices, before being smoked over hickory hardwood. These meat snacks are gluten free, contain 9 grams of protein per serving .
  • Gardein™ Ultimate Plant-Based Jerky, Original Flavour, Teriyaki Flavor, Hot & Spicy Flavour: Premium non-GMO, plant-based ingredients are combined to create the texture and appearance of whole muscle meat. Marinated for over 20 hours and naturally hardwood smoked, our plant-based jerky has the smoky flavour of beef jerky without the meat.
  • BIGS® Takis Fuego® Sunflower Seeds, Hot Chili Lime Flavour: Crunchy keto-friendly snacks with a fiery kick. Made with big seeds, roasted for a big kernel crunch and seasoned with Takis Fuego® hot chili and lime intensity, these salty snacks fit a low carb lifestyle. Roasted in the USA, these seeds come in a handy resealable bag.
  • DAVID® Roasted and Salted Bacon Mac & Cheese Jumbo Sunflower Seeds: A keto friendly snack with classic comfort food flavour. Each 5.25 oz. bag contains about 2 servings, with 180 calories.
  • Andy Capp’s® Beer Battered Onion Rings Baked Oat and Corn Snacks: Indulge in beer battered onion ring flavour anytime. Bold beer battered onion ring flavour is baked right into these crispy, baked snacks to satisfy a craving for onion rings.
  • Snack Pack® SOUR PATCH KIDS® Juicy Gels, REDBERRY® Flavour and Blue Raspberry Flavour: A combo of sour and sweet. These fun snack cups are made with real sugar and no high fructose corn syrup, are gluten free and contain 0 grams of fat and 100 calories per serving.
  • Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP® Salted Maple Flavoured Kettle Corn Popcorn: Whole-grain popcorn and tasty salted maple flavour are the perfect combination. These gluten free snacks are non-GMO and contain 70 calories per serving and satisfies tastes for the delicious combo of sweet and salty snacks.
  • Orville Redenbacher’s® Avocado Oil Microwave Popcorn: Made with 100 per cent avocado oil and seasoned with simple sea salt, this snack has no artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives.
  • ACT II® Llama Party Cotton Candy Flavoured Microwave Popcorn: Made with 100% whole grain popcorn, this cotton candy flavoured popcorn pops up blue for an added bit of fun. Kids and adults alike will love this  snack.

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