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Covered Bridge chips promote Atlantic flavour

January 11, 2016
By Colleen Cross

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge of Hartland, N.B., has a line of potato chips made from russet potatoes. The skin is left on to deliver more nutrients and the natural sugar content gives the chip a golden to dark brown colour, says the company’s website.

The chips, which are certified gluten-free and contain no trans fat, are available in such flavours as Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Potato with Sea Salt, Creamy Dill Pickle and Homestyle Ketchup. Eastern Canada-inspired products include the thick-cut Atlantic Canada chip and Atlantic Lobster, which is offered only during the summer months.

Covered Bridge touts its 284-gram combination bag of Storm Chips as “the perfect snack to have during any of the many snow storms to roll through your area this winter.”

No Salt Added Plain & Simple comes in large 170-gram bags and small 43-gram bags.