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Culligan introduces salt-free water conditioner

Culligan International introduced a new Salt-Free Water Conditioner that conditions hard water while boosting savings and reducing the carbon footprint. Image courtesy of Culligan International.

Culligan International introduced a new salt-free water conditioner that conditions hard water while boosting savings and reducing the carbon footprint.

Christina Schacht, director of global filtration and softening products, Culligan International said in a press release, “Culligan’s new salt-free water conditioner works to neutralize hardness, rather than filtering it out. By neutralizing hardness, it cannot stick to your plumbing which eliminates corrosion normally associated with this build-up. This zero-waste water system allows the hardness to pass through your system and down the drain.”

Culligan’s conditioner is designed to retain the beneficial minerals in water while reducing unwanted build-up on appliances, like limescale. The salt-free water conditioner uses a technology that naturally conditions water and minimizes scaling without the need for backflushing or salt. It can reduce existing and prevent new scale formation, protecting home’s appliances, plumbing and even dishes. The result is a water conditioning system that offers water bill savings with virtually no impact on the environment.

The conditioner is low maintenance and eliminates the need to purchase salt, schedule repairs and uses no electricity. Adding an advanced carbon filter to it reduces unpleasant tastes and odours caused by chlorine.


The Culligan salt-free water conditioner is installed, maintained and supported by a nationwide network of Culligan Experts.

*According to a U.S. Geological Survey