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Cummins-Allison JetScan iFX i100

June 15, 2011
By Administrator


i100_currency_and_checksJune 15, 2011, Mt. Prospect, IL – Cummins-Allison introduces the JetScan iFX i100 check archive solution.

The desktop device scans and digitally stores check images at a rate of 400 checks per minute, eliminating the need to copy and store physical checks. The JetScan iFX i100 is capable of scanning business and personal checks and instantly transferring the check images to an electronic database for easy recall. Check images are cataloged based on a variety of data points and MICR-line data.

The machine comes standard with a currency scanning and counting feature that operates at a rate of 1,600 notes per minute.

The i100 is part of Cummins-Allison’s iFX document imaging platform, which features advanced currency and check processing capabilities.


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