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Danone launches new ‘Light & Free’ line of yogurt

Image courtesy of Danone

With the hot summer weather, Danone’s new Light & Free line of yogurt is a good option for vendors looking for a healthy vending alternative to sugary snacks.

Danone Light & Free brings a new ultrafiltered yogurt option to pantry services and healthy vending operators; Their patent-pending process that reduces the yogurt’s sugar content. The result is a smooth, creamy textured yogurt that packs flavour in each 95-gram serving, with a generous 8 grams of protein and 4 g of sugar.

“At Danone, we know that when people eat and drink, they vote for the world in which they want to live – it’s an extension of their identity. That’s why we created Light & Free, a product that is free from traditional yogurt conventions. Using Canadian Ultrafiltered milk we are able to deliver a high protein yogurt with a lot less sugar and no artificial sweeteners”, said Jeremy Oxley, Vice-President Marketing, Strategy & Insights at Danone Canada in a press release. “Light & Free fits in a balanced diet providing nutrients to let your best self-shine, with more contemporary and unexpected flavours that make life even more delicious..”

This summer’s new limited-edition Light & Free Cucumber, Watermelon and Lime flavour answers the needs of health-conscious consumers who are interested in making smart dietary decisions. With food trends showing consumers want to be eating healthier foods and avoiding sugar/carbs, all Light & Free yogurts are created with natural flavours and have 4 g of sugar per portion of 95 g.


The new Light & Free yogurt is available in a convenient 4 X 95 g format in a variety of flavours including White Peach & Raspberry, Mango and Passion Fruit and the Limited Edition flavour Cucumber, Watermelon & Lime. Light & Free is also available in a larger 710 g format that is perfect for breakfast occasions with flavours like Vanilla Bean and Apple and Grilled Pineapple. Light & Free retails for a MSRP of $4.53 for the pack of four.