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Double-door display cooler has small footprint

May 10, 2017
By Administrator


Minus Forty Technologies of Georgetown, Ont., is now taking orders for its new43-UDGR-L1 double-door display cooler it says is ideal for stand-alone or in-line merchandising.

The energy-efficient LED cabinet is 46.5 inches wide and features the manufacturer’s integrated Smartlock health timer. Previously only offered on single-door coolers and freezers, Smartlock is now available on double door coolers to allow merchandising of perishable food products alongside beverages in the same unit, the company said in a news release.

Smartlock was designed to meet both NAMA standards as well as state health department regulations that require lockout mechanisms in the event of a high-temperature event within the cooler or freezer.

The LED backlit translight display provides a canvas for branding and advertising your products, the company website says. A bright white galvanized interior creates a clean look that supports product illumination and provides the perfect backdrop.


Baskets, dividers, additional shelves, price/menu strips and custom graphics and other accessories are available to help maximize packout and presentation.

Features include compliance with Energy Saver, DOE 2017, TUV and NSF certification, setpoint temperatures from 32 to 50 F, snap-in door gaskets for easy cleaning, and electronic digital control and continuous temperature display.

The primary objective was to reduce both cost and overall footprint, the company said, adding that by comparison to two single-door locking coolers, the 43-UDGR cooler with Smartlock will cut purchase costs by approximately 25 per cent and narrow the footprint by 13.5 inches.