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January 23, 2013
By Stefanie Wallace


Jan. 23, 2013 – New projects are a great way to hone your creative thinking skills. Sometimes they backfire, and sometimes they have great potential. Here's a look at two projects that caught web editor Stefanie Wallace's eye this week, and a hint at what's in store for

Jan. 23, 2013 – A small bit of irony as a follow-up to my last blog: While selling raw, unpasteurized milk from a vending machine might be an interesting project for dairy farmers to experiment with, the innovative service is not meant for everyone.

A department store in London, England, is being taken to court for a similar practice. Selfridges began selling raw cow’s milk from a vending machine at its flagship store in December 2011. But retailers are banned from selling unpasteurized milk in England, landing the store in an investigation by the Food Standards Agency. You can read more details here.

These projects are innovative, and it should go without saying, but do your research before branching out into something new.


Here’s an equally creative project that is (hopefully) less likely to break rules. Students at the Madrid, Spain campus of the Miami Ad School have proposed a concept for a multiple-currency Coca-Cola vending machine, dubbed the Worldwide Machine.

Designed to accept all types of global bills and coins, the machine would have the capability of detecting genuine currency and determining the correct amount required of any currency or combination to purchase a beverage, allowing thirsty consumers to rid their pockets of unwanted change or foreign bills. reports that the machines are equipped with magnetic sensors and exchange calculators, similar to what is used in foreign currency exchange ATMs.

The students who designed the project say it’s a strategy for the globalized brand to strip nationality from beverage purchasing. Known for its vending machines around the world that give out free hugs and beverages, this project is a good fit for the beverage giant and is an ideal solution for airports and large-scale international events like the Olympics.

It’s a refreshing idea, and quite frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t been already done. Hats off to these students who are making the world a smaller place one step at a time.

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