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Electrolux Professional launches new brand, new products

October 16, 2019
By Canadian Vending

At the Host Milano exhibition (Oct. 18 – 22 in Milan), Electrolux Professional is officially introducing the newElectrolux Professional brand, replacing the Electrolux logo.

The new brand identity is still recognized but has a clearer positioning creating an improved orientation for customers. It also demonstrates that Electrolux Professional is the OnE global business partner under one brand.

Alberto Zanata, President of Electrolux Professional, commented in a press release: “This edition of Host promises to be a historical attendance for the company, being the right stage to present some of our latest champions. In addition, our new brand will support us in our work to be the OnE trusted partner, offering a full set of best-in-class products and superior customer care and innovation. And to make their work-life easier, more profitable – and truly sustainable every day”.

Attendees will be the first in the world to experience the recently launched range for beverages: a wide portfolio of professional appliances for hot, chilled, and frozen beverages, as well as soft-serve ice cream. With this new offering, Electrolux Professional is able to provide a fully inclusive offer to its customers.


Electrolux Professional will take center stage to demonstrate its core values and identity, offering delegates an immersive experience of the company mission to make the customers’ work-life easier, more profitable, and truly sustainable every day.

This year’s exhibition will allow Host visitors to find out why and how Electrolux Professional aims at being the trusted partner for customers, managing all their operations and creating the ultimate business value for them, over a lifetime:

  • Integrating a wide offer for Food and Beverage under one brand;
  • Leading the way in designing solutions with sustainability and a human-centric approach at heart, so that they are easy to use, maintain and service, but also productive, efficient and reliable;
  • Helping customers to increase productivity thanks to a web platform to manage their entire operations: products and services will be connected so that their performance will be visible via real-time access to data; moreover, customers will have one contact point for a lean and effective service.

Ultimately, ergonomics will be on stage. Electrolux Professional is aware that chefs can get the most out of ergonomically designed kitchen appliances in terms of profitability, streamlined flows, and quality of the workplace. At Host, the company will showcase its pioneering 4-star ergonomics certified by ErgoCert, a certifying institute that tests products to assure they meet the highest ergonomic standards.